[One Shot] Death of a Heroine

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[One Shot] Death of a Heroine

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Takes place during: Red Arrow: Aftermath

Star City
Star City General Hospital

Camera shutters sounded repeatedly as the fluorescent lights of the ambulance entrance to the hospital doubled as an outdoor trauma station and suddenly had become a temporary home to an announcement regarding the health of the cities most beloved hero. Walking through the mass of nurses, doctors, and EMT’s while weaving his way through those injured in the A.R.G.U.S. attack Red Arrow looked both out of place and like a spirit of reckoning. His black armored suit seemed to eat the light allowing little to no reflection to come off its plates while the red leather jacket only added to the man’s palpable presence. Approaching a microphone Red Arrow’s face stayed hidden deep within the red hood of his suit while his jaw betrayed a mixture of emotions while his voice stayed even keeled. Standing next to him was Artemis; her blonde hair hanging out from underneath her black hood while a black mask covered her identity. Speaking into the microphone Red Arrow addressed the reporters in front of him. Looking at the group gathered around him Red Arrow seemed to quit moving before he spoke becoming an immovable object in a moment that would soon require a fluidity of words he didn’t know if he was capable of.

“Earlier tonight, during the attack on Star City an archer attacked a member of my team. As many of you have already heard Huntress was severely injured in this attack leading to her being brought here to have surgery to repair the damage done by the poison tipped arrow. After hours of surgery using every resource at their disposal, it gives me no pleasure to tell you that Huntress has died.” Shock carried through the group of reporters as Red Arrow turned to look at Artemis who gave a subtle nod and pursed her lips.

“She was unarguably the most beloved member of Team Arrow and she will leave a void that will not be easily filled. We are aware that she was a role model to young girls and a beacon of light to those who feel helpless against the darkness of the city. Her kindness towards all those in need was something that the rest of Team Arrow is always striving to achieve yet never quite has.” Pausing Red Arrow took a moment to look around at the cluster of reporters focusing on a younger woman who looked defeated and was clearly shaken.

“I understand that Huntress meant the world to you. She was a pivotal point of pride for this city, a female vigilante that showed you were capable of anything. We will make sure that she is not forgotten, and that you continue to have a hero to look up to.” Red Arrow closed his fists and then pulled out his grappling gun switching the hand his bow was in. Seeing that he was done a reporter raised her hand and he ignored it.

“No questions tonight, if you need to know anything, know this: Huntress’s courage, strength, and bravery were no more evident than tonight as she protected a civilian hunted by those that killed her. She died doing what she was most passionate about and that was protecting this city and those that live in it.” Taking aim Red Arrow fired his grappling gun and was pulled into the air with Artemis quickly joining him. Landing the two looked at each other and headed back to the Arrow Cave.
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