Once Upon A Time (One Shot)

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Once Upon A Time (One Shot)

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Doomstadt, Latveria

The sand sifted through his fingers as his fist closed. It was coarse, larger grains then you would find on the coasts near the oceans. The air was cold but his long jacket kept it at bay. He wore an expensive suit underneath; dark grey with a forest green tie. The sky was overcast, but that didn't stop him from enjoying where he was. He loved this beach. He loved this lake. He loved it almost as much as his father had. This had been Victor's place of reflection. His sanctuary. Now it was Sebastian's. He looked up at his home. Castle Doom overlooked the crystal blue body of water. Lake Vernard. Named for his adopted brother who's tombstone sat next to their father's at the edge of the lake.

Victor had renamed it for Kristoff after his death. When their father fell defending Latveria from the Chrell Sebastian had been tempted to rename it again. However, he did not wish to disgrace his the memory of his brother. Sebastian had been there that day. He had fought with his father. The invaders had ravaged the world over and somehow Victor von Doom had repelled them again and again. His power had never seemed more divine then it had that day. Victor had never seemed more godlike to his countrymen before then.

Sebastian brushed his palm over the top of his father's grave marker. It was a relatively modest tombstone, especially for one such as Victor. It held the markings of Latveria at the top and below that was written:

Victor von Doom
King. Visionary. Father.

Sebastian stared at those words. His desire to see his father one more time was overwhelming. Now, more than ever, he needed the counsel of Victor von Doom. In his other hand he gripped the power to make that wish a reality. He clung tight to one of the few items in the universe that could allow him to speak with his father one more time. In fact, he needn't stop there. He could prevent Victor's death completely. He could write so many wrongs and yet........the use of such power was not an option. Victor had tutored him to learn not only from his own mistakes, but those of his father as well. Changing the timeline was dangerous and had unforeseen consequences. Time was not to be manipulated.

Sebastian exhaled, not realizing he had been holding his breath. He had the power to instill change, and yet he knew he could not. So there he stood, at the edge of the lake on the anniversary of his father's death. The orange Infinity Gem of time gripped ever so tightly in his closed fist.
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