Dawn of Darkness OOC

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Dawn of Darkness OOC

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Wanted to make an OOC thread for the IC thread, as there will be a few things going on, here, coming up.

First and foremost, I'm assembling d00dz to go after the Crimson Empire/Sith Brotherhood. Coupled with the civil war it is experiencing, this will, effectively, end the existence of both. The Nomad Souls will then go in and reclaim whatever is left over, though not under the guise of Sith. It will be what it is. However, they won't be making it known who, or what, they are.

If anyone is interested in playing a role in either event, let me know, here. For the Jedi mission I'm bringing along L'hnnar, Trec Thul, and Zarran Thakrre. I'll be throwing random characters into it to fill up any gaps that might be there, though I'm expecting to get it started soon.

Discuss anything related to that storyline here. This isn't for the over-arcing Ancients storyline, however, so please keep in mind those inquiries are not best suited for this thread.
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