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OOC: The Skiftallya Sector

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:01 am
by Kytross
The course of galactic history has always been shaped by a few key players. Men and women of great courage who stand out as iconoclasts and legends. None of them will be appearing in these tales.

These are the stories of the men and women who will shape the destiny of the Skiftallya sector, a grouping of 18 systems on the outer rim far removed from the galactic core. There are no major shipyards here, no gigantic industries that affect the entire galaxy. Less then half the systems are inhabited by hyperspace capable societies and those worlds are dominated by agriculture or mining to feed the ravenous industries of the core worlds.

Moff Boise runs the Skiftallya sector with a laissez-faire attitude. He has been lax toward his military and has let it grow slack. This has lead to a rise of pirate activity in the Skiftallya sector. After the recent destruction of the Death Star by the Rebel Alliance this is unacceptable. Captain Darius Crassus, former XO of the Imperial-class cruiser Devastator, and newly minted captain of the Interdictor-class cruiser Interdictor, have been expressly sent by Emperor Palpatine to search out and destroy pirate activity in the Skiftallya sector. Technically part of Lord Vader’s Death Squadron, Captain Crassus has the Sith Lord’s proxy in his pursuit of pirate activity, effectively making him the highest ranking military officer in the Skiftallya sector when in pursuit of his mission. This has caused a bit of a rift between Crassus and Boise, a rift spread farther by Crassus’s exceptional efficiency and prowess and Boise’s obvious lack of talent in all realms non-political.

The sector capital is at Skiftallya, a world settled by the Alderaanians over 5 thousand years ago. Skiftallya has the highest level of industry in the sector and a small shipyard used to repair the few Imperial capital ships in the sector as well as do civilian repairs. Skiftallya is mainly an agricultural world, industries are centered in a few key cities that occupy nearly half of the world’s population. Like Alderaan, Skiftallya is ruled by a governmental system similar to England. The King of Skiftallya and the royal family share power with a bicameral parliament, a house of lords and a house of common men. The King is the chief executive officer of the government, responsible for the upholding and execution of laws. He has a seat in the house of Lords and the house of commons, a responsibility often delegated to a family member.

The Rebel Alliance has a small fighter base on an outer planet in the Depper system. Consisting of a Y-wing squadron, a Z-95 squadron and a squadron of obsolete ARC-170’s, the Alliance has used these hyperdrive capable snubfighters to enact daring raids on the various systems in the Skiftallya sector. Alliance guerrillas and infiltrators have formed resistance cells in the cities of Skiftallya, attempting to subvert the noble houses as well as the common man. The Depper System has a life-sustaining planet, Depper Prime, that is inhabited by a primitive race of aliens. A few different pirate groups make their base in the Depper system and the nearby inhabited Locaca system. Other pirate groups could be stationed on uninhabited worlds.


My basic idea here is to create a system rife with the strife of good settings for stories. If you’re interested in playing in my little social experiment please feel free to contact me in this thread or on AIM. (screen name: kytross) You can also catch me at my email,

I’ve started my first thread in the Skiftallya system: Skiftallya Sector: Captain Darius Crassus. This will chronicle Captain Crassus’s first foray into the Skiftallya and his successful campaign against the pirates.

A few notes. The Interdictor is one of the most powerful ships in the Skiftallya sector. The sector fleet consists of 3 Carrack-class cruisers, 1 Acclimator-class carrier/transport, 5 Correllian Corvettes and a bulk cruiser. TIE fighters would be the most powerful fighters in the Imperial fleet, their speed an almost insurmountable factor for all fighters and freighters excluding Y-wings and exceptionally well piloted Z-95’s.

The Alliance forces have been outlined already. They have no cap ships. They may have a few transports and probably a few yachts or light freighters.

Pirates here would not have fighters but modified light and medium freighters.

I want to get across the fact that an Imperial Star Destroyer has more fire power then the combined fleets of the Skiftallya sector. If Crassus calls in a victory star destroyer it would be the most powerful ship in the sector bar none.

Feel free to leave feedback here as well.

And to everyone who I haven’t seen for four years, hello, I’m glad I’m back and it's good to see ya'll.


Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:26 pm
by Kytross
Let's see. Some self notes.

I'm working on a post for Moff Boise the Corpulent. Should have it up by the morning at the latest. Gotta get some more research done on the Ghorman massacre first.

I've been doing more research on the Interdictor cruiser because there's so many different weapon configurations I've heard about for them. I've got a rough idea for explaining why the Interdictor is bigger, hopefully it will make sense to everyone when I'm done.

If anyone's interested in joining in somewhere let me know here. It's Christmas time, so I'm assuming most people are busy. Maybe in the new year I'll get a bite or two.

I'm planning on starting a cantina thread on Skiftallya station, basically a place where people go to get a drink and a bite while they wait for thier ship to get loaded or repaired or whatever. I'm working on a few mission ideas that could start there so look for it if you're interested in intro-ing a character for the rebellion timeline.

If someone wanted to run a pirate base on an uinhabited system in a sister thread I'd be glad to go over details and get them set up. Run some attacks on the other worlds of the Skiftallya system, start up a background before then run afoul of Darius.

There's plenty of royalty and nobility I haven't documented yet and the Alliance base over in the Depper system. In Darius's crew I could still use a Commander Air Group, or CAG, basically the pilot commander for his TIEs. The CAG would be in on strategy and tactic sessions and be a good officer for another Player. Anyone, as I said before, let me know if you're interested and we'll chat.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:29 am
by Kytross
In doing research on the interdictor cruiser I couldn't stop myself and read up on the EU. I know I hate the EU, but I finally got that old feeling of nausea back in in the pit of my stomach having read up on the Correllian Rebellion. It's like some of the authors were god-moding and there was no one willing to stop them.

On a happy note I have an explanation of my Interdictor cruiser set to go, though it won't be revealed for quite awhile.

And I'd love to hear feedback on my story so far if anyone is reading.

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 4:12 am
by Topgun220
Well I will answer your call :) I apologize for not reading the thread itself yet but after reading some of the OOC stuff I might possibly be interesting in joining in. First though I want to read the threaad ;) Ill read it later on tonight after school.

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 5:01 am
by Kytross

I rather figured from the thread count I wasn't getting a great deal of attention. Let's see, Kaldone checked it a few times, and I figured Corsos took a gander. If Ket saw my name I know he swung by, I gave him his first job after his stint in the arena, and there's gotta be a few other guys around who remember me. And I checked it about 20 times, so there's the thread count.

Anyway, a review is fine, you don't have to join if you're too busy, it is the holidays after all and I keep a fairly hectic posting schedule. Plus we have the Bacta threft to plan.

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:29 pm
by PrelateHavok
I been keeping an eye on it... sounds intresting...

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 1:10 pm
by Topgun220
Okay I read it over and decided I wouldn't mind jumping in. I can keep up with your posting for now so its good. I just need to talk to you about some stuff. I was hoping you could give me the command position of the rebels if not then I can go with the pirates too.

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 7:41 am
by Kytross
Here's a bit more info before you make a decision. I'd also like to know what you had in mind. we can go back and forth and get some dialogue going. It's like a writing session or something.

The Death Star was blown up within the last year, Grand Moff Tarkin is freshly dead and with him goes Moff Boise’s main protector. The reason the Skiftallya sector has so few capital ships is because Boise and Tarkin have been “selling” the newly assigned capital ships to other sectors and using the finances to fund Tarkin’s numerous secret projects, and line Boise pockets. This is highly illegal. While the Emperor would likely hold this over Tarkin’s head and use it to tighten his grip on him and entice him to perform, Boise is not held in such high esteem by Palpatine and without Tarkin to protect him will probably be executed when this comes to light.

Despite this all six of the systems in the Skiftallya sector that are part of the Empire have at least two TIE squadrons garrisoned there. These TIEs were shipped out before Boise and Tarkin started selling off the sector’s ships. Two Squadrons of TIEs are theoretically enough to take out the three combined squadrons the Alliance has been able to scrape together for this sector.

The Alliance is spread out in resistance cells throughout the sector. They’ll be trying to blow up factories and power plants and other acts of sabotage as well as form protests, hijack the holonet and demonstrate in the cities, trying to raise the awareness of the general populace. Cells are kept separate from each other so if they are captured they cannot reveal each other. Consequently you may not know the person next to you is a member of the resistance. There is also the main fighter base in the Depper system.

How the Alliance divides it’s hardware can be decided by the Alliance players, but I’d like to see it limited to the 36 fighters previously listed. For instance, if a resistance cell wanted to base it’s sabotage missions around a pair of ARC-170’s and possibly create a legend of a ghost ship around them then you’d have only 34 fighters at the base. Civilian ground vehicles are okay and one or two non-modified freighters or yachts is fine. Any other fighting ships you want to add to your ‘fleet’ you will probably want to acquire through roleplay, preferably with another player.

To clarify, there are 18 systems in the Skiftallya Sector. Six of these systems are part of the Galactic Empire. Two of these systems are inhabited by a sentient specie that is technologically deficient, like Dantooine or Endor. The other ten have at least one inhabitable world without a sentient species on it.

I was thinking Depper could be a system similar to 1800’s technology. Steam power, dirigibles, tall ships and the like. Maybe a human colony sent out a few millennia before Skiftallya is founded. Their ship, The Depper, crash-landed and the settlers that survived had to leave the area because of a leaky reactor. They die slowly from the radiation poisoning, the last original colonist living twenty years or so, and their children are barely teenagers at the time. Like humanity throughout the galaxy they struggle on, survive and eventually begin to relearn skills. Skiftallya knows about the colony, coming across it a few millennia ago during a period similar to the ancient Egyptian or Mayan era. They made contact and decided to leave the people time to mature instead of reintroducing them to the galactic republic and forcing them to adapt to the modern technology. Interfering with the Depper culture would be a crime condemned by all six of the civilized planets of the Skiftallya sector, and the punishment is severe and executed by the entire Skiftallya Sector Council.

Consequently there would be a few pirate groups living among the people of Depper, hidden in plain sight. Disguise your ship as a water craft, sail out to the middle of nowhere and then engage repulsorlifts. Live out in the middle of nowhere and create a legend about the sacred mountain and at night land and launch your ships.

Does anyone remember the OOC thread I ran on the SWG boards where I just wrote out starting plots for stories that anyone could use? I can’t stop creating, I just can’t stop. But let’s be honest, it would be wicked cool to be chased by the Depper equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition until your partner ducks out from an alleyway and fires a few blaster bolts at them, the whine enough to scare them away.

Depper could even have a version of the Jedi, not a derivative but a few different religions focused around a horribly inaccurate view of the force. They’ve gotta rebuild tech, why wouldn’t they have to rebuild their understanding of the Force? Perhaps different force abilities for different religions. Dark force abilities like force lightening for a culture that practices human sacrifice, while healing abilities and mind manipulation in the equivalent of the European culture and combat enhancing abilities for the Samurai. Very minor telekinesis could be present throughout, like the ability to move something the size of a coke can at a walking speed.

I’m not sure I’d have time to run something like that as well as the rest of the Skiftallya stuff I’m doing, and trying to wrap my head around the MBT, but it could be readily used as a background for a pirate group or two, maybe even recruiting a force user or two for your crew and enlightening them to the true nature of the universe.

Getting back to the rest of the Skiftallya sector.

Most of the Royal family of Skiftallya is open for RP if anyone is interested, as well as the rest of the Royal family. There are still 5 systems that are part of the Galactic Empire that are undeveloped. I’m always up for brainstorming and encouraging new writers to take a shot at the big time, well big time for around here. I’d like at least three of those 5 systems to be alien colony worlds, preferably a race most people don’t like to play like the Gran, Rodians, Wookies, Ithorians, Falusians

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:12 am
by Kytross
Another filler post for my avid fans.

I'm vacillitating between two initial reactions for Boise, the order of entrance and a few other piddling details I want to get just right. It may be a few more days, I'm going to try to slam out a rough draft tonight.

Top you're on my messenger, if you don't see me before the new year, I understand. We'll get you set up before february though. Kal, as soon as I get a chance I'll chat with you about Phantom cape.

I still can't believe you made a cruise ship, what great setting for a random character story. I hope we've generated enough intereest so people will want to adventure a bit here. Feel free to post a basic profile if you're interested in going on a day cruise.

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 6:00 pm
by Beorht
Hey, I was wondering if I could get in on this - for the cruise ship thread. I'm hoping to play a member of a Rebel cell, who's maybe trying to hand something off to a Rebel somewhere on the ship.

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 7:06 am
by PrelateHavok
There's a cruise ship post somewhere??

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 1:29 pm
by Mir
Snap, Crackle, Pop!


I'm interested in joining as well. Once I find time :D. Its so ever elusive....

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 1:51 pm
by Topgun220
Yeah catch me on when you can, I was suprisingly and increasingly drawn to rainbow six vegas for the past few days. Cant stop playing it now, its near addicting. anyway beorht if you want your rebel cell could be transporting some info about a weakpoint in the sector to the rebel command base in the sector or something to that effect. we can talk over msn or whatever :D

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 9:30 pm
by Kytross
SHould have a post up tomorrow.

REbel activity on Phantom Cape sounds good to me, but Kal is running the thread, check with him.

Looks like I may need to get a MSM account. My AIM is Kytross

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 11:11 am
by Kytross
Post is up.

It's took me awhile to figure the order of entrance. I think I may ape the dinner scene from "Truce at Bakura" for this.

Getting Boise right is key. Everyone we've been introduced to so far is used to treading softly among people drastically more powerful then them. Even King Josef, though you won't see why for awhile. Boise is about to get a dose of reality and I'm trying to gauge just how he'll take it.

Jondor is an open character if anyone is interested.

Jondor D'Skiftallya
19 years old
7' 2"

Tall as a Wookie with long black hair and dazzling green eyes, anyone can spot this adonis as royalty.

Dexterity 3D+1
-blaster 4d+1
--blaster rifle 5d+1
-dodge 4d+1

Knowledge 2D

Mechanical 4D
-Space transports 5D
-Starship gunnery 5D

Perception 3D
-Bargain 4D
-Con 3D+2

Strength 3D+2
-Brawling 4D+2

Technical 2D

Move 10
Force Points 1
Dark Side Points 0
Character Points 5

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 7:32 am
by Kytross
Hmmm, I still have that bar thread to get up. I've got to sit down and write out the missions for it, but for people who are interested in playing in the Skiftallya sector it may be a good starting place. That also means I have more characters to create.

If people are interested I'll post up my basic outline of events. Then people can see where I'm going and be able to create within those guidelines.

If my posts are running alittle slow I'm trying to catch up on MBT continuity right now.

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:21 pm
by Mir
Er...just wondering as to why you had dice stats..

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 5:12 am
by Kytross
Truth be told, I occaisonally use dice in my writing, especially for short cut scenes from battles. Helps me keep track of where blaster shots go and keeps the feel of battle realistic.

I also find that when I'm making up a character for someone else it helps them see what I had in mind.

Lastly, it's a habit I got in when from RPing and GMing with pen and paper.

I've even had crew members broken down with stats. In a story I did before I realized you guys were still around I had a turbolaser crew on the port side of an ISD that was phenomenal. So the port crew was scoring critical hits on other cap ships while the starboard crew was barely hoilding thier own.

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 7:49 am
by Mir
Cool. I was just wondering is all :D

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 8:54 am
by Jazic_Stravican
I just finished reading through the OOC and IC threads.

Looks good, Kytross. I think it's a great setting, and is shaping up to be a good read.

I have one minor stylistic criticism, in the dialog between Tarkin and Boise I found myself getting lost as to who was speaking. Tarkin's action was coming at the end of the paragraph containing Boise's dialog, and vice versa.

For example this:

“I have known you since university Boise and we both know you have no honor, just a price to be bought at.” The short, fat man laughed jovially.

“The way you sweet talk Willy, why I’d think you were seducing me.” Tarkin glared at him.

“That is far from funny Boise.” Boise giggled.

“I don’t know, I’m amused.”

Is less understandable than this:

“I have known you since university Boise and we both know you have no honor, just a price to be bought at.”

The short, fat man laughed jovially. “The way you sweet talk Willy, why I’d think you were seducing me.”

Tarkin glared at him. “That is far from funny Boise.”

Boise giggled. “I don’t know, I’m amused.”

Or this:

“I have known you since university Boise and we both know you have no honor, just a price to be bought at.”

The short, fat man laughed jovially.

“The way you sweet talk Willy, why I’d think you were seducing me.”

Tarkin glared at him.

“That is far from funny Boise.”

Boise giggled.

“I don’t know, I’m amused.”

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 9:28 am
by Kytross
I can't reccommend it enough for new character creation. If the WEG system was well known back on SWG I would have reccommended it more then. Restricting attribute and skill dice allows one to create a realistic character. From there you grow as you learn.

For instance my Alderaanian ship thief who I keep running around, his starting stats after the battle of Yavin were:

Dexterity 2D
-Dodge 3D

Strength 2D

Perception 4D
-Sneak 5D

Knowledge 2D
-Steetwise 3D

Mechanical 4D
-Space trasnports 5D

Technical 4D
-Space transports repair 5D
-Security 5D

Keep in mind that 2D is average. He's spent his life repossessing and stealing ships, he was good at it, great even. His MBT stats, 14 years later, are as follows:

Dexterity 2D
-Dodge 4D+2
-Blaster 2D+1
-Pickpocket 4D

Strength 2D

Perception 4D
-Sneak 8D
-Hide 6D
--Disguise 10D
-Bargain 4D+2
-Con 5D+1
-Persuade 4D+1
-Forgery 7D+2
-Gambling 4D+2
--Sabaac 7D
-Search 6D
-Investigation 6D

Knowledge 2D
-Steetwise 3D
-Aliens 3D
-Languages 3D+2
-Planetary systems 3D+1
-Law Enforcement 3D

Mechanical 4D+2
-Space trasnports 6D+2
-Archaic Starship Piloting 5D+2
-Astrogation 9D
-Capitol Ship Piloting 5D+1
-Communications 5D+2
-Repulsor lift operation 5D
-Sensors 8D+1
-Starship Gunnery 5D+1
-Starship shields 5D

Technical 5D
-Space transports repair 10D+1
-Security 10D
-Advanced Security 5D
--Security Starships 19D+1
-Blaster Repair 5D+1
-Computer programming/repair 6D
-Demolitions 5D+1
-First Aid 6D
-Repulsorlift repair 6D
-Starship weapon repair 6D

Note where his skills improved. He basically learned how to use a blaster, that only went up +1. His security skill is his highest skill. Why? Because security is breaking into places and that's what he's done for the last 14 years. A few of those years were spent on the Morning Star learning from the best techs in the galaxy. He actually studied so much there he did rolls to increase his base attributes of Mechanical and Technical. You'll notice that his flying skill, space transports, hasn't gone up much. While he flies every single day, heck, he usually lives on a spaceship, but he's not trying to be the greatest pilot in the galaxy. Consequently his flying skill haven't inceased much.

Just my 3 cents.


Working on different stuff for the story and on some other stuff for the MBT. I'm very tempted to join the MBT in addition to this thread. We'll see what happens.

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 10:26 am
by Jazic_Stravican
It's a good tip. I started using it after Kytross suggested it back on SWG, however with a slight variation of using qualifiers like nonexistent, poor, fair, average, good, great, because I wasn't familiar enough with the WEG system at the time, and D20 wasn't around.

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 5:07 pm
by Kytross
You're right Jazic, any of your suggested changes would have been better. I have a weakness for dialoge that stems from reading a great deal of plays, and most of them were awful. When I see a great run of just dialoge, and I remember it, I go back and try to add description to it. What I really need is an editor.

Boise is a fun character. He is depraved. Any debauchery you've ever wanted to try he's probably mastered. He was once a great public speaker, author and master of politics. When Tarkin was alive he kept himself at a certain level of capacity, but now that his last 'friend' and co-conspirator is dead he's allowed himself to fall into a spiral of self-destruction. Now all he's good for is pathetic rages and indulging himself. But until an hour and a half ago he was the most powerful man in the sector.

Using poor, fair, average, good, great, etc is a great idea. If I was able to go back and edit that post I'd add in modifiers.

1D = below average
2D = Average
3D-4D = Above average to good
5D = great
6D-7D = exceptional
8D-9D = one of the best on a continent
10D-11D = one of the best on a planet
12D-14D = one of the best in the sector
15D+ = One of the best in the galaxy

phantom's cape

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:13 pm
by Kaldone
I am more than happy to have anyone join my thread, can be interesting :) I'm gonna be doing a post tomorrow, am changing jobs, after I got transferred... AND IT IS A MESS :) wheew, now that that is out. I'll start on my new post on phantom's cape.

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 5:33 pm
by Kytross
I have the first half of Emera's pov for her entrance to the dining hall. She has an interesting take on the Empire. I finally figured out how I'm going to handle Boise here. I'll try and get that post up tonight.

I'm getting slowed down between work and my efforts to return Tolly to the boards. Look for everyone's favorite Sluissi to make an appearance on the stories boards as his backstory is finally revealed.

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2007 7:36 am
by Kytross
Well work only allowed me time to write uyp one paragraph. I was in a different rotationa dn those guys wanted to talk and play cards all night. and Watch Talladega nights. Shake and Bake baby! Woooo!

And I can't post now because I've had a few brews and don't trust my pen. Perhaps tonight. Though I'm hitting the pub tonight with the boys so I'll either have to do it before then or tomorrow.

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:32 am
by Kytross
I ended up writing 20 odd pages on one post for Tolly's background. Hopefully I can start that thread soon. I'm incorporating alot of characters from that time period and don't want to step on anyone's toes.

My current post order is to finish the Emera dinner post, do an into post for Darius in the MBT, slam out another Tolly Story post and then back to chronicling the adventures in the Skiftallya sector.

Seems like there's just not enough hours in the day

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2007 8:10 pm
by Kytross
The latest post is up, I hope it was worth waiting for.

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 6:58 pm
by Kytross
I'm slowing down on the Skiftallya sector. I want to tell the story of Darius's first command but at the same time I'm trying to write Tolly's clone war adventures and prep for his return to the MBT. Simultaneously Darius is returning to the MBT and I have other obligations. I probably will have a post up sometime between now and february first, and then another shortly after the first.

Next post is Boise's entrance, which should be fun.