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Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 11:27 pm
by Cadden
Cerrik, Days Later

Darth Trayus, Dark Lord of the Sith, stood over the wreckage of the mounds of Cylon battle droids. His troops, lead by his elite Shadowtroopers and loyal Sith Troopers, had crushed the mechanized enemy with little difficulty. He had seen firsthand what the Cylon Imperium was capable of, and he made absolutely certain to outclass his enemies on every front.

Cerrik was but the first of a short, but swift, series of skirmishes. When he had received word from Ilan's former loyalists, Saias Kargon and Xahruk, Trayus made some quick alterations to Garuda's plans, incorporating his new forces into the plan of attack, and executed the orders accordingly.

The results were devastatingly effective. Cerrik was now a scrapyard for the Imperium's war droids, and Trayus was not about to stop there. Turning to face Olan Signas, he nodded to his primier officer. Signas bowed to Trayus, and walked away, leaving the Dark Lord to his thoughts.

The Imperium does not seem so strong when it, too, can be caught offguard, he mused. They need a change in command, and in funding and support. I can provide that change.

He turned, after observing the former battlefield one last time, and approached the landing craft that they had all poured out from. They had more work to do, and with the Cylon Imperium now fully aware of their presence, Trayus would have to move quickly, and efficiently, to secure his victory.


The dry, arid planet of Algovin loomed in the distance, as Darth Trayus observed from the bridge of the Intruder the defenses of the planet before them. By now, no doubt, Cylon had become aware of the attack on Cerrik, and were amassing their forces to do all they could to repel the invasion. But it would not be enough. Keldon Tyfus stood at the edge of Cylon space, onboard the Inclement, awaiting Trayus's command to bring the one ship that would turn the tide of battle in his favor. It was a secret weapon, one that would be sure to surprise the Imperium's current leader.

"Order the dropships to begin their approach," he said to the Intruder's commanding officer. The man bowed and left Trayus's side to relay the orders. Trayus pondered momentarily what, exactly, Algovin had of importance to the Imperium for them to build a garrison here to begin with, but quickly dismissed the thought when he observed several squadrons of D-Eta 1 Droid Starfighters arrive within visual range. They were joined in battle with the Empire's own Tri-Fighters and TIE Daggers.

Trayus merely closed his eyes and concentrated. The Force flowed through him like a tidal wave. He never felt so much power before. Projecting it outward, Trayus connected with his pilots, and directed their actions through his battle meditative trance. The previously-dire situation quickly turned around as the Empire's forces joined together as one mind, and began to take down the Imperium's own fighter craft. Trayus said nothing, as he continued to concentrate, allowing his advanced perception of his surroundings through the Force guide the actions of his pilots.

As the battle raged on, the dropships broke through the fighter blockade with little attention given. Trayus knew it would only be a matter of time before the D-Eta 1s were obliterated, and continued to guide the pilots through the Force until the dropships touched down. He then concentrated even further, expanding his perception to the new battlefield, and reached out with the Force to guide his troops. The battle on the surface of Algovin had begun.

OOC: For those that are not aware, I am merely summarizing this event, mostly to get it out of the way and start on the good stuff. So, yeah... it'll probably be one post per battle (as detailed on the Wikia article), save for maybe the final battle at Cylon itself, which will either be two or three pages.

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 11:28 am
by Cadden
The Battle of Algovin was swift and brutal. The forces of the Cylon Imperium were unable to match the coordination, the sheer firepower that Trayus brought with him. Before him stood the second graveyard of machinery he had seen. While his forces had suffered casualties, it shied in comparison to the amount of sheer destruction he had inflicted. The forces of the Cylon Imperium were no match for his Crimson Empire.

Trayus gathered back his people and instructed those that could still fight to get their rest. They were to leave Algovin and make way to their next target, Natidal. The planet was to be the core focus of the attack on the Cylon Imperium. By destroying this center of Cylon activity, the Empire would be granting the Imperium full awareness of what was going on. But whatever Cylon could do to stop it, it would not be enough.

The forces of the Sith were, indeed, far stronger than those of the Jedi Order. Trayus wondered why he had returned to them to begin with. Had he, the first time he fell to the Dark Side, stayed there, perhaps he would have been further along today. But still, one had to admit, conquering an entire empire within a matter of weeks was quite impressive.

"My lord, we are ready to depart to the next target, on your word," Trayus's commanding officer reported. The Dark Lord of the Sith stood there, looking at the ruined world they had just conquered. "My lord?"

Finally, he spoke. "Initiate the jump," he commanded. The new galactic year was now upon them, and he wanted to make the first thing that known civilization saw be the end of the Cylon Imperium.

The ships jumped into lightspeed, to Natidal. Victory was only days away.


Darth Trayus watched as the Intruder emerged from lightspeed. Natidal was not as protected as Algovin was, but the purpose of this hit was to let the Cylon Imperium use their attack pattern to calculate their next target. If Cylon relied as heavily on its mechanized logic as Trayus was expecting, then the final battle at Cylon would prove to be fairly simple.

The attack went off without a hitch. Two variants of Star Destroyers, one in each class, stood in his path, guarded by three cruisers. The expansion of the Cylon Imperium had done one negative thing, Trayus noted; it left them wide open for attack. With their defenses stretched thin against a large-scale invasion, he was sure the last thing that K471 was expecting was betrayal.

But, then, Trayus was not betraying anyone. The alliance was between K471 and Ilan Garuda. And that was Trayus's advantage. He intended to exploit it to the last possible second.

This time, Trayus did not need to utilize his battle meditation techniques. He simply observed as the engagement unfolded around him. He would input his orders as deemed necessary, but numbers and firepower were both on his side, now, and the Dark Lord was confident enough that the admiral could lead his own people to victory.

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:52 pm
by Cadden

Natidal had fallen quickly to Trayus's might, and now was the final battle. Cylon itself. He was not expecting an easy engagement, and he certainly did not expect K471 to give in so easily. They would be ready to dish out their entire arsenal, if necessary, to defend Cylon from Trayus.

But it would not be enough. Cylon could not begin to comprehend what lay in wait for them, as the fleet moved to engage the forces in orbit above the mechanized world. Trayus watched patiently from the bridge of the Intruder was the planet slowly grew larger before him. All that would need to be done is land on the surface, defeat K471, and declare himself the victor. It was a simple process.

Simple. Nothing was ever simple, Trayus knew. There was always a catch. He contemplated the possibilities that lay before him. Of course, razing the planet once its defenses were dealt with was the easy way out, but it would also cost him invaluable assets to be found within Cylon's ranks. Countless droids would be destroyed. No... Trayus wanted to inherit the benefits that came with consuming the Imperium within the Crimson Empire's heirarchy.

But that didn't mean they couldn't deliver the hurt. The ship's commander approached him as the chrono ticked down on the eta for engagement. "My lord," he said, "should I signal the Inclement?"

Trayus dwelled on the thought for a moment. "No," he finally said. "Let's see how far we can progress without Tyfus's assistance." He wanted to test Cylon's strength. It would be a blind step forward if he defeated them using the power within the Inclement, and overwhelming odds against them. No, Trayus wanted to test Cylon, see if it was worth his time to restructure after they were defeated.

"As you wish, my lord," the officer responded with a bow.

The time ticked away, until it was finally the moment to lash out. The fighters were launched, and Trayus watched intently from the bridge as the enemy forces engaged. The time to end the invasion had come. Once the fleet cleared a proper path to the surface, he would lead the Crimson Empire's forces, and his own Sith Vanguard, to the surface, and face off with K471 and his droid army. It was the ultimate test of strength, one Trayus was looking forward to seeing a demonstration of.

OOC: I know it's not much, but I figured I'd do something to "pass the time". :P

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:47 pm
by Halomek
OOC: Just getting things setup until you have more time, Cadden. Cazzik was cool with my idea. ;)

IC: Cylon Space

According to reports from Cult of Shadow agents, the Darksider known as Darth Trayus was systematically destroying the once proud Cylon Imperium without much apparent trouble. A seemingly innocuous Action VI transport waited patiently by one of the spacelane transfer points and quietly monitored the flow of intermittent traffic.

Sitting on the bridge of the Shattersoul, the Dark Master of the Cult of Shadow, Sivter, knew that his upcoming confrontation with Darth Trayus had to be on his terms. The other Darksider had superior manpower and firepower on his side, whereas Sivter had brought only himself and one other Dark Lord to support him.

This was by choice, of course; Sivter was able to call on much more if he felt he needed to. The other Dark Lord with him, an immense Cragmoloid named Crix, was a small army unto himself. Besides, even if Sivter had brought in what could be considered the Cult of Shadow “fleet,” it would not be able to match the dedicated warships that Trayus had under his command. Being visible was simply not the way the cult had operated up until now. No, Sivter was confident that all he needed was himself, Crix, and the contingent of Schrai warriors in the Shattersoul’s cargo hold.

He had brought down more with less.

Finally Sivter spotted what he had been looking for. Among the fleeing refugees was a bulk freighter that seemed to be doing double duty as a disguised troop transport. He could tell by the disproportionate number of disciplined minds onboard; a sure sign that it belonged to a military and that it was not a typical bulk freighter.

There were at least a hundred people onboard, whereas such ships rarely needed more than five people to run them. A quick look at the Shattersoul’s sensor data showed that the bulk freighter was giving off a false reading. It could not, however, deceive the Force.

“That is our target,” Sivter rasped as he indicated the freighter. “Capture it.”

Crix operated some controls and the Shattersoul immediately leapt forward at a greater speed than one would assume from an Action VI. Hidden compartments swung open to reveal weapons, while a previously disguised hangar disgorged two droid Tri-Fighters.

The bulk freighter, which also turned out to be modified, stood little chance in the end. Buzz droids, launched by the Tri-Fighters, made short work of its engines while the Shattersoul’s weapons did the rest.

Once the Action VI docked with the disabled ship, Crix was the first one through the breach. The soldiers, prepared to repel enemy troopers, were not nearly well-equipped enough to handle a Dark Lord of Crix’s particular talents. The Cragmoloid didn’t use a lightsaber due to the simple fact that he didn’t need one. It would only slow him down. With Crix’s body imbued with the power of the Dark Side, his entire being was one giant living weapon.

Blaster bolts harmlessly struck Crix as soldiers all around him were crushed by his great strength. He was as a reaper wading through a sea of the dead and the dying. The battle was brutal and bloody, but it was quick. In the end, Crix stood victorious and apparently unscathed after any ordinary being would have been burned to cinders.

Sivter barely noticed the carnage. His sights were set on one of the survivors - a man who was obviously not trained as a soldier, even though he wore the same kind of uniform to try and hide him among them.

“Are you with Darth Trayus?” the man asked desperately as he backed up against a wall in a futile attempt to try and get away. “I have information he could use, just please don’t kill me!”

Sivter looked around theatrically. “Why would such a proud government like the Cylon Imperium skulk around in bulk freighters?” he wondered aloud. “Weren’t you the ones behind the attack on Taylon?” Sivter grinned until his teeth showed. “What ever could have happened to you since then?”

“To hell with the Imperium!” the man yelled, trying in vain to convince Sivter he was worth keeping around. “Let it burn! I’ll follow Darth Trayus to the ends of the galaxy!” He got on his knees and prostrated himself. “Hail the new Dark Lord!”

Sivter savored the mistaken impression the man was under before dropping the bomb. “That’s unfortunate to hear you say. I hold no allegiance to Darth Trayus. He’s my enemy.”

The man looked pale. “B..but, you…”

“Assumptions are dangerous things.”

“Please,” the man said as he clasped his hands in front of him. “If you’re his enemy, then you can help us! We’re gathering for a surprise strike to drive him from Cylon space! I can lead you to them! Don’t kill me!”

Sivter approached closer, with a false smile, before placing his clawed hand on the man’s sweaty forehead. “Why would I follow you?” he asked calmly before snarling as his voice got much harsher, “I don’t care one whit for the fate of your Imperium!”

The man could only gasp in surprise as Sivter tore into his mind and forcefully ripped information from it. By the time he was done, the man was nothing more than a husk of flesh. The pathetic former human had indeed carried some important information. It was enough to cause Sivter to laugh in triumph as he headed back to the Shattersoul with Crix in tow.

A short time later, the Shattersoul’s guns destroyed what was left of the bulk freighter, along with those few that had been left alive onboard it. It then began a series of random jumps that would eventually take it to its next destination…

Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:05 pm
by Halomek
The final jump through hyperspace revealed an impressive sight at the end of the swirling blue tunnel, one that spoke to the Cylon Imperium’s resourcefulness. Despite Darth Trayus virtually decimating the stability of the Imperium with a few strategic battles, the Cylons seemed determined to make the Darksider work for his gains. A small flotilla had gathered at the location Sivter had ripped from the feeble politician’s mind back at the bulk freighter.

It was an impressive enough fleet, and would certainly give Trayus a hard time on its own despite some of the ships showing signs of battle-damage. Sivter was sure though that the fleet wouldn’t have been strong enough for what the Cylons had planned if not for the one ship occupying its center: a Severus-class Command Ship.

Thanks to the information Sivter had taken, he knew this ship to be brand new, built in secret by droids. The secrecy around its construction had initially been intended to avoid provoking a response by the Xen’Chi, who would have surely tried to destroy it before it was finished if they had learned of it. With the Xen’Chi defeated however, that secrecy now meant that the Cylons had a powerful command ship that Darth Trayus knew nothing about.

The Severus-class vessels were meant to be ship killers and such a starship could pose a viable threat to the tenuous hold Trayus currently had on the Imperium. According to Cult of Shadow agents, the other Darksider’s forces were even now attempting to capture the capital planet: Cylon. The aggrieved government was obviously trying to take Trayus by surprise and destroy his forces in a decisive pincer attack; drawing him in before closing the trap. It was a desperate ploy at such a late stage in the war, but one that stood a good chance of working.

Such a loss for Trayus would almost surely put an end to the war he started, or perhaps stall it indefinitely. Either way, the simple fact was that Trayus couldn’t afford to lose at Cylon.

And such a situation presented a whole host of interesting options for Sivter…

With the Cylon fleet on high alert, it didn’t take them long to spot the Shattersoul. A menacing hail was sent their way, giving them ten seconds to identify themselves before being blown to pieces.

Sivter took the com and used the Force to change his voice to perfectly mimic the politician that had been scheduled to arrive. “This is Vis Yaleris,” he said to them. “We ran into some trouble and had to change ships. Sending my clearance code now…”

There was a moment or two of silence as the code Sivter had taken was from Yaleris was run through the code checker before the reply came back: “Confirmed, Mr. Yaleris. You’re just in time, we’re in the final stages of assembling the fleet. You’re clear to head to the Byyor Command.”

Sivter grinned as he looked at the Severus-class looming in front of him. “On our way. The time has finally come to crush Darth Trayus.”

OOC: More to come from me, but I thought I’d make Cylon’s final battle a little more interesting. ;)

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:06 pm
by Halomek
Sivter was the only one to depart from the Shattersoul after it landed in the Byyor Command’s hangar. He specifically ordered Crix and the Schrai onboard to remain inside and out of sight. Although Sivter was confident that they would be able to take over a ship as large as the Command despite being so heavily outnumbered, he didn’t want to waste time fighting to try and reach the bridge.

He had a much better idea.

Although it was Sivter who departed the Shattersoul, he did not appear as a Defel in a light-absorbing black cloak, he instead used the Force to disguise himself to look like Vis Yaleris. His disguise was not a mere manipulation of the senses, but was instead a disguise created from the Force that was realistic enough to fool any eye or camera. It wouldn’t hold up against scanners, but Sivter didn’t plan to remain disguised long enough for it to be an issue.

He was promptly taken to the bridge. A tale about the troubles they had encountered on the way and another use of the Force to dull suspicions kept the Imperium soldiers from wondering why Yaleris exited the transport without any of his troops.

“Lord Yaleris,” an officer saluted him. “We expect to receive the go-code from Cylon any moment now.”

Sivter knew from the information he had taken from Yaleris that the officer was Admiral Rabalt Auigs, an influential military commander in the Cylon Navy. Rabalt had not achieved his position through strategic know-how, but instead through politicking. He was a man easy influenced if it meant more power, which was one of the principle reasons Yaleris had suggested that Rabalt oversee the construction of the Byyor Command. It would have made his planned coup all the easier.

However, for Sivter’s needs, he didn’t need someone with loose loyalties placed so highly up that was, in essence, worthless to him. “You’ve done well, Rabalt,” he said as he brought up a datapad. “We should have just enough time for me to load some new mission parameters into the computer.”

“New mission parameters?” Rabalt repeated with a little worry. “What does K471 want changed now?”

“The situation with Trayus is always in flux,” Sivter replied with a veiled half-truth before plugging in the datapad and beginning the upload. The “new mission parameters” were anything but; they were, in fact, a thinly disguised virus that was rapidly corrupting the ship’s programming to give Sivter total control.

“Have the other ships of the fleet link up with us to receive the new parameters,” he instructed. “We can’t go into battle until every ship and every droid receives them.”

The spread of the virus was very quick and before long, the entire fleet was infected with it. It would remain dormant until Sivter decided to activate the programming, making it almost undetectable otherwise.

As a test, Sivter sent a kill order to every droid on the Byyor Command, except for those on the bridge. Through the Force, he could feel an overwhelming wave of death as the vastly numerical droid soldiers on the Severus-class quickly eliminated every living thing in their sight. It was so complete and so unexpected that the only warning the bridge had were sensor reports of blaster fire.

“Admiral,” one of the crew spoke up. “I’m getting some strange readings. There appear to be energy discharges coming from all areas of the ship. It has to be a malfunction.”

Sivter could hear Rabalt growl as he turned to address the ensign. Before he could speak though, a blazing hole suddenly erupted through his chest as Sivter stabbed him with his lightsaber from behind. The Imperium officer could only stare at the saber protruding from his body in shock before Sivter made a clean cut through and sliced him in half.

“There’s no mistake,” Sivter said calmly as he revealed his true form. “I’ve taken control of this ship, everyone onboard is now dead. If you wish to continue living, you will do as I say from now on.”

The second officer of the Byyor Command tried to draw his blaster pistol, but Sivter was faster and flung the man into a bulkhead, snapping his neck.

“Unless another foolish soul wants to try and stop me, I’ll continue.” The Defel eyed the remaining bridge crew for a moment before speaking again. “I am not with Darth Trayus. I’ve come because he is my enemy as well. Your only hope of saving the Cylon Imperium now is with me.”

No one else made a move, causing Sivter to grin. “Excellent. Open a channel to the other ships of the fleet and let’s see if they’re all as reasonable as you.”


A short time later, Sivter had secured the loyalties of the other vessels. Those few unwise enough to resist him were gunned down by their own droids before they could create much trouble. Once it was obvious that Sivter had complete control, it didn’t take long for everyone to fall into line.

They received K471’s go-code shortly thereafter. The fleet launched itself into hyperspace towards Cylon as it prepared to end Darth Trayus’ war once and for all…

OOC: Alright, I’m all set whenever you get some time, Cadden. ;)

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:00 am
by Cadden
Trayus had taken to battle from his personal ship, the Shadow Warrior, leadinga small strike team of his most capable of soldiers toward the planetary surface. Their trek was, relatively, unhampered as the Cylon fleet was busy fending off the larger threats to take notice, or possibly even care to notice, three single ships breaking their blockade and speeding to the surface below.

The three ships touched down and the transports were the first to unload, as two hundred individuals began to storm out and take the initiative of setting up their parameter and securing the region. It was unnecessary, but hard-coded into them. From the Shadow Hunter emerged Trayus himself, followed by a Noghri and a human, both Dark Jedi, and half a dozen Shadowtroopers. Trayus refused to take any chances on the surface. While the Vanguard would be more than capable of fending off any Cylon enemy, he would need the loyal support of the two Dark Jedi, and six Shadowtroopers, if he were to fight his way to K471 and end the battle, and thus the war, with minimal casualties.

Of course, K471 was not one to make careless mistakes. The fight to the central computer would be difficult, but worthwhile in the end. Enroute to their destination, they would undoubtedly encounter hundreds of droids, but Trayus and his men were prepared. "My lord, the landing site is secure," a soldier reported.

Trayus nodded. "Then proceed," he ordered. The other acknowledge and relayed the orders. They were on their way.

It was not long until they caught their first wind of resistance. Trayus ordered the engagement against the droids, and proceeded from his vantage point with the Noghri Dark Jedi to oversee the engagement, while the other Dark Jedi and the Shadowtroopers participated in the battle. Trayus's black eyes narrowed. As he observed the engagement between forces, he immediately knew there was something else here. An old enemy.

Suddenly, several of his men went flying, and Trayus turned his attention to their location. Of course. The Gen'Dai warrior Bane. While Trayus was surprised to see him here, it quickly faded. Bane was a formidable warrior, to be sure, but somehow, he fit perfectly with the Cylon Imperium. "Roghehk," he said, "it is time."

The Noghri bowed, and entered the engagement. Trayus himself turned to face his longtime foe, and unsheathed Soulblade. With a mighty leap, he propelled himself into the air, landing not far from Bane's position. Without saying a word, Trayus directed his full attention to the Gen'Dai warrior, and pointed Soulblade at him.

The Gen'Dai laughed. "You are a fool if you think you can defeat me," he chided.

"Perhaps so," Trayus responded, "but we won't know until we put it to the test."

The Gen'Dai's amusement faded. "As you wish." He charged, and without warning brought forth his forearm to send a volley of laserfire Trayus's way. The Sith Lord blocked the assault through the Force, and leapt over the Gen'Dai as he approached striking distance. Trayus brought Soulblade around to cleave into the Gen'dai's nervous system, only to be met with air. Bane laughed and struck Trayus with a powerful fist.

The knock only sent him back a slight amount. Trayus repositioned himself and came around to an offensive position. But waited. Bane, too, waited, but soon realized Trayus would not move. slightly annoyed, he took the initiative and approached, and swung another powerful blow Trayus's way.

The Sith Lord dodged and brought Soulblade around to cleave off the Gen'Dai's forearm. Bane let out a cry of pain, and reconnected his severed limb.

But the pain remained.

Ignoring it, Bane let his anger take control, and sent two rockets forth from his other gauntlet. Trayus leapt out of the way and brought Soulblade down to cleave through the Gen'Dai's chest, but Bane managed to move out of the way soon enough.

He did not expect Trayus to throw Soulblade into his midsection, however, and the Gen'Dai warrior once again yelled in pain. As he tried to reconnect the wound and just, simply, absorb the blade into his body, he realized he could not, and the nervous system around it was beginning to weaken. Trayus approached the wounded warrior, whom was now in the process of dislodging the weapon from his body. As soon as it was free, he noted the nervous system around his hand dieing, and he immediately threw it aside.

It was Trayus's turn to demonstrate amusement. "The interesting thing about Soulblade," he told the Gen'Dai warrior, "is that it has the ability to drain the life from its victims." Bane, backing away as Trayus approached, look at the Sith Lord. "In your case, Gen'Dai... it hinders your ability to regenerate your wounds." Trayus called the weapon to his hand and charged forward. Bane, desperate to keep the weapon away, let loose a volley of laserfire against the Sith Lord, whom simply used the weapon to batter it away. he cleaved the gauntlet in half, again dismembering his arm, and Bane was once again howling in pain.

Trayus did not let up, and he struck Bane three times more, before the Gen'Dai stumbled to the ground, on one knee. "I could kill you now," Trayus commented, bringing the blade close to the Gen'Dai's neck, "but I could use a warrior as capable as yourself, serving me. You would no longer serve your mater, K471, but the Dark Lord of the Sith himself." He could feel Bane's emotions, his hatred swelling up. "The alternative is, you can die. And believe me, Gen'Dai... I know how to kill you. And it will not be quick, it will not be painless."

Bane, with more than his nervous system wounded, looked up at Trayus. "You wouldn't stand a chance without that sword of yours," he goaded.

Trayus had to smirk. Bane hadn't changed at all. Even at defeat, he still held firm the belief that he was superior. "Perhaps... but we shall never know, shall we?" There was a pause. "I await your answer."

Bane looked back at the battlefield. His droids were being beaten back, his position was failing. It would not matter if Trayus killed Bane or let him live. It was clear that his position could only stall for additional time at this point. "Then my life is yours," he finally said, knowing he was beaten. If Trayus truly wanted him dead, then he would not have offered Bane this position. Which meant more spoils of war for the Gen'Dai warrior in the future. "As a demonstration of my loyalty, I will aid you in winning this war... my lord."

Trayus nodded. "Then arise, Bane." The Gen'Dai looked at Trayus, clearly puzzled about how the Sith Lord knew his name. True, Bane was of a rare breed, and thus his name was known, but to identify him specifically, it was truly a feat that only few could accomplish. For there were few that have bested him in combat. "You will serve me well," Trayus continued. "Lead me to your former master, K471."

Bane nodded, and struggled to get up. He was wounded, but he would survive, and he would regenerate in time. And so long as Trayus had Soulblade, Bane knew he could not do anything against the Sith Lord without dire repercussions. "I will take you to him," he acknowledged.

OOC: To be continued. Got one or two more encounters planned before K471, but I'll deal with at least that tidbit next post.

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:40 pm
by Halomek
By the time Sivter’s newly acquired fleet exited hyperspace above Cylon, the home fleet was struggling to repulse Trayus’ ships. The way it looked to him, had they arrived even a few minutes later, the battle might already have been lost.

During the trip, Crix had made his way to the bridge to assume the position as Sivter’s XO on the Byyor Command. As usual, the immense Cragmoloid Dark Lord was silent unless spoken to. He stood, arms crossed, as he watched the conflagration in front of them.

One of the braver members that Sivter had designated as the go-between for the two Darksiders and the surviving crew, approached him. “Cylon’s fleet is taking a pounding. What are your orders, sir?”

Sivter reached out with the Force, but Trayus’ presence was elusive and not easily discovered. However he was able to discern enough to know that his quarry was no longer in space and was instead down on the planet. It was just as well, Sivter preferred to confront the other Darksider after he had more control of the situation.

“Proceed with K471’s plan for now,” Sivter finally ordered. “Smash Trayus’ fleet to pieces.”

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:49 pm
by Cadden
"My lord," a voice crackled over Trayus's comm. unit, "we have trouble."

Trayus was leading his troops, and Bane, across the cityscape, encountering any opposition and swiftly dealing with it. He did not have time to deal with all technicalities in space. "What is it?"

"Cylon has brought in a fleet for reinforcements," the commander reported. "What are your orders?"

"Hold your ground, continue the fight," Trayus responded. "Call Tyfus and his forces into the battlefield. That should even things up a bit. He is now in command of the space operations."

"Yes, my lord." The communication was terminated.

Trayus proceeded to lead his forces, before they met the second major front, as reported by Bane. Several more units, some of which were human this time, stood in their way, and opened fire. "Your usefulness is starting to pay off," Trayus told the Gen'Dai, whom did not respond. "Who is in charge of this defensive maneuver?"

"The Mandalorian Kir Varrus," Bane responded. Trayus was surprised to hear the name. So, the Mandalorian Kir Varrus survived Taylon. He knew someone who would not be entirely satisfied to hear that his job was not complete. Trayus nodded at the report.

He looked for a man in Mandalorian armor, but did not find one. Kir was not present, but the Force told him he was. Focusing further, Trayus located the man through his enhanced sight. He was in a strange suit of armor, and seemed to be connected directly to it. As if he should have been dead, but the armor kept him alive.

Nevertheless, he was Mandalorian, and there was little that Trayus could do to dissuade him.

Except one thing.

The battle was going to be won, not through skill, but through mental powress. Trayus charged forward and cleaved through several droids, and battled his way toward Varrus. Once he arrived, he confronted the Mandalorian with a single, swift blow. Predictably, Kir maneuvered out of the way, and exchanged firepower against Trayus, whom deflected with Soulblade. It was the proper opening for him to break Varrus.

"Mandalorian!" he yelled at Kir, "you serve no one, now. Why do you fight?"

"I serve K471," Kir responded, firing once more. Trayus deflected with the Force, sending the laserfire away, some stray bolts hitting Kir's forces. "He is my master."

"Is he, now?" Trayus asked. "You swore your life to the one called Kamulos, and he is dead. You hold no obligations to anyone. K471 is merely using you, like a pawn."

He could feel Kir's anger, but it was checked. It was little wonder Garen Starfall took pride in defeating him in combat. "K471 saved my life," he argued. "I swear my life to him, and him alone."

"But to what end?" Trayus pressed. "What have you to gain from it? What glory, what honor, have you had the pleasure to claim since your service to K471?"

"I do not care about that," Kir said.

"Lies never helped anyone," Trayus retorted, and used the Force to send a random projectile the Mandalorian's way, whom simply dodged. He retaliated with his own, a pair of rockets launching from his armor. Trayus moved out of the way and came to close quarters combat with the other. "I know your kind... your thirst for battle, for the honor of victory and the glory of the fight, are far more important to you than whom saved your life."

Kir sneered at the other. This Sith Lord surprised him with his knowledge, but that did not mean Kir would respect him. "What does a Sith Lord know of the honor of being a Mandalorian?"

"More than you could ever realize," Trayus responded, and suddenly sent a swift jab to the armored individual's stomach. Amplified by the Force, Kir stumbled back, and could actually feel Trayus's blow to his gut through the armor. "You served Kamulos on Taylon," Trayus continued, as Kir analyzed his next move, "and you proved your mettle there. I could use one such as yourself leading my armies to victory. Think of the battle... think of the glory. You will be revered as one of the greatest warriors, one of the greatest generals, of this time."

Trayus knew he hit something, as Kir's mood shifted from anger and annoyance, to curiosity and intrigue. "Renounce your loyalty to K471, and join me," the Sith Lord reiterated.

There was a moment of silence, before Kir let his guard down. But Trayus noted that the Mandalorian was still ready and more than capable to fight. "The glory of battle," he repeated. Trayus nodded. Before the Mandalorian responded, Trayus knew the answer. While the Mandalorian was, certainly, strong-willed, he was also bored. Something Trayus exploited greatly.

Suddenly, the few remaining humans turned on the droids, a result from a command issued by Kir Varrus. When the skirmish was over, Kir approached Trayus. "What is it you command of me?" he asked, kneeling on one knee in front of Trayus.

Trayus grinned. "Where is K471?" he asked. The Mandalorian confirmed what Bane reported. "Join us in the final assault against your former master."

OOC: Gettin' tired. Will continue later, in case you want to go into some detail on your end of things, Hal. If so, lemme know and I'll see about getting a Wikia article set up for the forces that are joining in (and the forces already present, for that matter).

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:58 pm
by Halomek
OOC: A wikia article could be good, it’ll help me nail down how many ships Sivter brought to the party. ;)

IC: Without Darth Trayus to lead them, the other fleet was falling apart. Not only did the addition of the Byyor Command and its reinforcements shift the tide of battle in favor of the Cylons through superior numbers and firepower, Sivter was also employing Battle Meditation to force the enemy fleet to quickly lose morale and cohesion.

It was an ironic twist that the method Trayus had used to secure so many of his victories against the Cylon Imperium was now being turned back on his own forces. Although Sivter was somewhat new to using the technique, never having had a need to affect so many minds before, it wasn’t all that dissimilar to a variety of manipulative powers he had used in the past. Every second he used it, the more effective and deft he became at altering the flow of battle.

“We have ships exiting hyperspace,” Crix suddenly announced.

Sivter opened his eyes to look at the sensor screens even though he could sense the new arrivals through the Force. “It seems Trayus came prepared,” he mused as he eyed the largest of the new arrivals, it was bigger than even the Byyor Command. “Impressive, if inconsequential.”

A few members of the bridge crew looked at him in disbelief. The Cylon ships were once again outnumbered, and the ship leading the new fleet, the Inclement, definitely cemented the shift in power back to Trayus.

“Sir, we respect, how is that thing inconsequential?” the interim bridge officer asked. “At best, we’ll achieve a Pyrrhic victory.”

“No wonder the Cylon Imperium is close to collapse, you’re thinking like a nursemaid,” Sivter replied with contempt. “You’d be amazed what you can achieve when loss of life doesn’t matter. The Cylon Home Fleet can deal with what’s left of Trayus’ first wave. Have our ships form back to handle his reinforcements.”

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:51 am
by Cadden
OOC: Actually, the Severus is larger. The Inclement is 5.59km. :P


Keldon Tyfus, from aboard the bridge of the Inclement, narrowed his eyes. The Byyor Command was, certainly, an unexpected addition to the Cylon Imperium's arsenal, but nevertheless victory would be theirs. As much as he would like to see Darth Trayus fall in battle and he regain control of that which was taken away from him, Tyfus knew that his forces would be traced back to Imperial space, and then he would have more trouble than he knew what to deal with.

No, Trayus had him cornered for the moment, and until Tyfus could regain his position of power, he was forced to obey. "Instruct the fleet to engage," he ordered. "Do not focus on the Severus."

"... Sir?" the captain of the Inclement responded, clearly confused. Standard procedure declared that the Severus would be top priority.

Tyfus grinned. So niave. "The Severus is not our primary concern. Launch the Daggers to deal with the enemy fighters, and pave the way for the Strikers."

"With all due respect, sir," the other pressed, "that Severus is the highest priority on our list. Should we not focus on decimating it and its crew?"

"No," Tyfus said. He gave the other the benefit of the doubt. "Darth Trayus is key to winning this war. If what he has said about this K471 is true, we will not be victorious until he destroys their commander. When the Imperium collapses, and they have no commander, then they will surrender... and the Severus will fall under our control." It was the perfect plan, and Tyfus was going to see to it personally that it would be followed through without interruption.

"Yes, sir," the captain responded, and relayed the orders to the crew.


Trayus could now feel the presence of one strong in the Force in orbit. As he focused on the assailant, he became more and more familliar with it. As they approached the command center and central core, Trayus finally recognized the trace in the Force that he had sensed from this individual. It was reminiscant of that on Onderon, in the archives of the Jedi Enclave.


He narrowed his eyes. But, rather than feeling vengeful, he felt relieved. It saved him the effort of seeking the creature out himself.

Trayus lead his forces into the command center, and stormed the place, taking down droids and any sentients that dared stand in their way. He came face to face with Titan, clearly a genetically-altered being. A human-cyborg, Titan made quick work of Trayus's forward assault unit, but he was pinned down by the other troops before he could get very far. Trayus ordered both Bane and Kir Varrus to destroy Titan; he would not need this individual in his ranks. Titan would remain loyal to K471, a liability Trayus could not afford.

His two new generals quickly got to work, and sent a series of explosive ordinances Titan's way. The other dodged most of it, but was damaged by a few offshots. Trays held the two back. He recognized the material that was inherent in Titan's body. Unclipping his lightsaber, he leapt at the genetically-altered human, and severed a limb before the other could assess what was happening. Trayus dodged a counterattack, only to bring the red blade into Titan's chest.

Yelling in pain, Titan tried one last time, but his weakened state made him too slow for Trayus, whom already pushed the blade up through his skull. Titan fell to the ground with a loud thump, dead. Clipping the deactivated weapon back to his belt, Trayus ordered the advance.

Their next encounter was another cyborg named Artanis. Trayus also had no need for him. While the Zabrak cyborg put up a fight, it was futile in the end, as it was a surprise attack from two Dark Jedi, Saias Kargon and Xahruhk, whom ended his life. The two turned to face Trayus, expecting to see Invisus.

And became instantly confused. "You are not our master," Saias responded.

"Your master is dead," Trayus reported. "Killed by my blade."

There was no doubting Trayus's powers and abilities, however. To kill Invisus, claim control of the Shadow Imperium, and lead an attack of this magnitude against the Cylon Imperium, in that short amount of time meant that he was powerful. Not to mention he obtained the loyalty of Bane and Kir Varrus, regardless of how shaky it currently was.

"Then you are our master now," the Dark Jedi responded, and the two bowed. "What will you have us do, my lord?"

"K471 is likely to be well guarded," Trayus responded. "You will join my other followers in wiping out his defenses."

Saias bowed. "It shall be done."

Trayus's forces were then divided into two. Kir Varrus and Bane, and their forces, remained with Trayus, while Trayus's Vanguard and his two Dark Jedi followers joined Saias and Xahruhk.

The final showdown was at hand. As the smaller forces proceeded toward K471's position, they were stopped by a woman leading several other warriors. "You will not take another step," she said. "Your life ends here."

Trayus just laughed, and without warning pushed Aayla Shar back with a violent wave of Force energy. She hit the wall behind her, but the blow only stalled her for a moment. Trayus nodded to Kir Varrus, whom took off in her direction. The two engaged in combat, while Trayus and Bane got to work on her followers. It was not long until only Aayla, and a mere handful of others, were left. Kir sent a devastating blow against her abdomen, which sent her back against the wall once more, and without hesitation the Mandalorian pinned her by the neck with his gauntlet.

"You are a formidable warrior," Trayus noted. "I could use you."

She looked at him for a moment. "Why should I join you?" she asked. "My only allegiance is to K471."

"A pity," Trayus responded. "Kir, disable her."Kir knocked Aayla unconscious with a severe blow from his helmet. "When she awakes, her master will be powerless... if she doesn't change her mind, kill her."

"With pleasure," Kir responded.

With but Trayus and Bane left, the two proceeded to the central core. There, K471 patiently awaited. He was surprised to see Bane in line with Trayus. "What manner of treachery is this?" he demanded.

Bane remained silent. It was Trayus that was the one who spoke. "Your lack of sufficient command has made your loyal followers betray you," he responded. "And who the better to provide the final push, than the Lord of Betrayal himself?" Trayus nodded to Bane. "Eliminate the guards. I will deal with K471 myself."

K471 laughed. "Bane... kill his fool." But Bane, whom had become corrupted by both Trayus's mind games and Soulblade itself, did not heed to K471's orders. Instead, he followed Trayus's, and moved to intercept the guards surrounding the room. This left K471 and Trayus. "You are foolish to believe you can defeat me."

"Don't be so quick to judge, droid," Trayus responded. "All that is left of you is a program. A shard of whom you once were. An empty shell housing the remnants of a madman."

K471 laughed once more. "I'm more human than you ever will be," he responded. "Dark Lord of the Sith... feh! I bow to no one!"

Trayus unclipped his lightsaber and hurled it at K471. The blade ignited on impact, piercing through K471's body. Moving fast, Trayus unclipped his other blade and ignited it, severing K471's head from his body. The powerless body collapsed, and Trayus replaced both lightsabers. "You were saying?" Trayus turned to leave the room.

Once he approached the doorway, an opposite door burst open, and in marched a new individual. Clearly, it was K471. The body was near the same, minus some technical details such as paint and a lack of a cape. "I was saying, Sith Lord, that you cannot defeat me." K471 approached the lifeless body of its predecessor's design, and retrieved the two lightsabers it did not get the chance to use.

Interesting, Trayus thought, raising an eyebrow. No doubt K471 had more bodies prepared for when the previous collapsed. There was but one chance. Analyzing the droid with his visor's built-in scanner, he surmized that the central core was closeby. All he would have to do is delay K471 long enough to destroy the copies of his personality. Without additional copies, he would either submit, or be destroyed.

The two warriors engaged in combat. With K471 wielding two lightsaber, and Trayus wielding his own two, it was clear that it would take some work to get there. With Bane done with his task, Trayus ordered the other to leave and rejoin Kir Varrus, and await his return. K471 laughed at the Sith Lord's confidence. "You will die here, today, Sith."

Trayus did not respond, and merely engaged his enemy in combat.

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 6:53 pm
by Halomek
OOC: Bleh, I wasn’t thinking when I did the kilometer / meter comparison.

IC: Sivter watched with amusement as Trayus’ reinforcements reacted in large part to how he expected. They were treating him like a Cylon commander – as though he actually cared about the strategic importance of the battle being fought. Such an assumption was, of course, perpetrated by him on purpose. No one outside of the Byyor Command knew any different. Even the ships that had come in with him were still under the belief that Admiral Rabalt Auigs was alive and giving orders.

He planned to elucidate them all once it was clear that his impending message was no bluff.

Sivter waited until his frontline ships were well engaged with the enemy forces before selecting a relatively healthy Vindicator-class Star Destroyer and taking control of it with the virus he had infected all of his ships with. He could sense the shock and surprise from the crew as their ship began to inexplicably move forward for no apparent reason.

He watched with a certain grim delight as the Star Destroyer collided with its rough equivalent counterpart that it had been fighting. The hulls of both ships crumpled like so much foil before one of their stressed reactors gave out and exploded, taking both vessels in a massive conflagration.

Sivter played the same trick on a Cylon corvette with similar results, just to prove that the first collision hadn’t been a fluke.

Satisfied that his point had been made, Sivter signaled for a message to be sent to the commander of the Inclement.

The image that appeared on screen was of him, cloaked, his glowing red eyes seemingly burning a hole through the feed. “Attention Inclement, I am known as Sivter. I command the fleet that is opposing you. What you just witnessed was no accident. All of these ships are under my direct control and I sacrificed two of them to convince you of one important fact: I consider them all expendable.”

He grinned. “I hold no allegiance to the Cylon Imperium. I’ve come to confront your master, Darth Trayus. You hold no interest to me. I’m giving you the option to stand down with a cease fire rather than wasting my time dealing with you. If you wish to persist in the engagement, I promise you that the Inclement will be the next ship destroyed. You have thirty seconds to respond before the choice is out of your hands.”

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 7:03 pm
by Cadden
Tyfus's mind raced through the possibilities. Should they deny Sivter his "request", they would be in for a brutal battle. But it was clear, now, that none of the newly arrivals were on the same side as Cylon. Such as it were, if he accepted the proposal, then many lives would be spared. And Sivter only wanted Trayus, a plus for him if Trayus were killed in combat.

"Cease fire," he ordered prior to the time limit expiring. The captain looked at Tyfus, perplexed, but the Supreme Commander ignored it. "Sivter, if your quarrel is with Trayus, then you need not continue to fire upon us. We will honor our cease fire with your forces, if you choose to do the same. I will personally see to it that Trayus receives your... request... for his presence." It was not a matter of fear of this Sivter. Tyfus was confident that they would deal a severe blow to Sivter and his forces. But he simply could not, nor would not, ignore the fact that, with the Severus command ship in his posession, Sivter posed a threat even to the Inclement.

If Trayus is who he wants, Tyfus mused, then Trayus is who he will get.


Darth Trayus had managed to defeat K471 three times, now, each time coming closer to the core computer that kept his programming. He faced a fourth version inside the room itself. This time, K471 was not happy. "Impressive," he commented, "but ultimately futile."

"Do not be so sure," Trayus countered. As K471 charged at the Sith Lord, Trayus quickly moved aside and dealt a swift blow against the droid's armor plating with his lightsaber. Following the counterattack, Trayus quickly thrust his lightsaber into the computer core itself, causing a series of malfunctions. Deactivating the blade, he brought it around and activated it against K471 once more, crippling his droid body. With the stalled time, Trayus moved to insert a data disk into the faltering computer, and initiating a download command, transferring various bits of information into the disk. He ejected it just seconds before the computer itself died.

"You are beaten," Trayus declared. He held up the data disk. "This contains the last recorded copy of your personality. If I destroy you now... here... then you will never come back. I will see to it personally."

K471 looked at Trayus for a moment before speaking. "You hold no power over Cylon if you destroy me," he finally stated. "I am Cylon!"

Trayus grinned. Such a weak-minded fool. "Your generals have betrayed you," he contradicted. "Bane is now loyal to me, and Kir Varrus will soon follow. Your armies are in ruin, your navy is dieing. What sort of individual believes he has still won, even when he is on the verge of death, and everything he has built up is in ruin? No, you are not Cylon... you are a wreck. Your mechanical body does not function well enough to combat me, and what took you years to build up has fallen in a manner of weeks. Your power is insignificant, droid. And your Imperium has a future with me... and it is of no consequence if you are not included in it."

K471 processed this information, weighing the odds. The central computer was disabled, and even if Trayus did not hold the last copy of his personality, K471 would be no more if he were to be struck down here. Bane had betrayed him, as had Kir Varrus. His armies were decimated, his territories taken from him, and his fleet on the verge of ruin.

He had lost. But he would not die. "You hold a good point, Sith," He responded. "And what is it that would become of me?"

"You would go on to become a general for my empire," Trayus said. "I need someone would can effectively lead the droid armies into battle."

"I thought you said you did not care if I were to perish," the droid said.

"I don't. Your final death would serve as a minor hindrance to my ultimate plans, but it can be worked around."

Another moment of silence. "Very well. What is it you would have me do?"

"You will rebuild, under the direct supervision of my confidants," Trayus responded. "Now... order your forces to cease fire."

K471 nodded. "It shall be done," he promised.

"You will be given a new body," Trayus continued. "One that will better fit what I have in mind for your particular responsibilities. When we are ready, you shall receive further instruction."

Trayus turned and left. His victory was secured. K471 was of no further threat to him, now. Even if the droid got the central core up and going before Trayus's plan was set into motion, he would discover that his personality was completely deleted from the Cylon computer database. It was not a lie; Trayus did, indeed, house the last remaining copy.

He made his way back to Kir Varrus and Aayla Shar, the latter was just awakening. "Your master has been defeated," Trayus reported, "and he is now under my control. You can either submit, or die."

Aayla took a moment to register what Trayus had just said. Finally, she said, "Then you are now my master."

"Lord Trayus," a voice announced, and Trayus turned to see one of his Vanguard approach, "we have an incoming transmission for Supreme Commander Tyfus."

Trayus nodded. "Send it through." The Vanguard gave Trayus a portable holo recorder, and from it Tyfus appeared. "Commander Tyfus," the Dark Lord acknowledged, "what is your report?"

"We have received a communique from the reinforcements, Lord Trayus," Tyfus responded. "The individual leading their forces is someone named Sivter. He wishes to confront you personally."

"And you allowed this?" Trayus asked, making no effort to hide his hopes for an affirmative.

Tyfus nodded. "If I had not, our battle would have become a bloodbath. We have agreed to a cease fire, and he holds no desire for Cylon territory."

After a brief pause, Trayus finally said, "Very well. I shall meet with Sivter." And finally enact my revenge, he added.

OOC: Not sure how you wanna handle this, Hal, but take it away however you see fit. Feel free to take liberties, if you'd like, since we've already discussed what needs to be discussed. :)

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:08 pm
by Halomek
Sivter briefly toyed with the idea of destroying the Inclement anyway before letting the thought go. It was so rare to find someone with the good sense to actually take him up on his offers to avoid fighting that the commander of Trayus’ forces had earned the right to live if for nothing else than sheer novelty value.

That – and the fact that Sivter really didn’t want to waste his time wiping out a fleet when he didn’t have to. His only concern was Darth Trayus himself.

“The agreement will be honored,” Sivter promised as he signaled for the cease fire from his own forces. “However, the first unprovoked move towards my forces will result in your destruction.”

He had the transmission cut off immediately afterwards to avoid having to hear anything more from the other side. He wasn’t interested in hearing a confirmation or a threat. The terms had already been set.

By this time, most of the Schrai warrior drones that had been on the Shattersoul had spread throughout the ship, including one on the bridge. Sivter had forged a connection with their hive mind to give him control of their movements and actions. Although he and Crix would be departing the Byyor Command, the Schrai ensured that he’d still be able to quickly respond to any threat Trayus’ forces might try to pull.


Even though Trayus had seemingly agreed to meet with Sivter, the other Darksider apparently wasn’t about to make it easy. Sivter could only sense that he was somewhere within the Imperium Tower. All other specifics eluded him.

The Shattersoul landed at the base of the tower, irregardless for any structure or vehicle that might have hindered its descent. They were simply blown apart by the Action VI’s weaponry if they got in the way. As a precaution, in case Trayus attempted to do something to the Shattersoul, a handful of Schrai were left onboard to watch over it. Sivter and Crix departed alone.

As they entered the tower, Sivter knew it was impossible to tell what, if anything, Trayus might send before they faced off. The fact that Trayus was still masking his presence seemed to indicate that it wouldn’t be a straight shot. It didn’t matter. Sivter wasn’t about to let anything stop him from challenging the other Darksider now.

Posted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 7:07 am
by Cadden
OOC: Sure, you initiate, and I have to do all the work! :P


When word spread of the defeat of K471 on the surface below, and his forces ceasing fire, the battle in orbit above dwindled to a halt. Instead, it was replaced by an eerie, tense cease fire between the newly-aligned Crimson Empire and Cylon Imperium forces, and Sivter's own.

Tyfus mused over the events that had transpired. He was sure that Trayus did not expect for things to take the turn in the direction they had, but it was irrelevant at this point. Cylon was theirs, now, and Sivter could only do so much to change that fact.

Although, Tyfus had to admit, he was a bit dissappointed, if not irritated, when he learned that Trayus had spared K471's life. It meant another potential roadblock that would have to be dealt with later. While he certainly did understand Trayus's methodology for keeping the droid leader alive, it would likely have dire consequences against the Sith Lord, and ultimately the Crimson Empire as a whole, down the line.

"Sir," the captain responded, "I've been wondering..."

Tyfus nodded, cutting him off with an upraised hand. "This Sivter has no quarrel with us, captain," he responded. "It is clear that he is an employer of the Dark Side of the Force." He noted the captain's escalation in nervousness, and simply grinned in response. "You have no reason to fear him. Even if Sivter would choose to deny it, captain, he cannot ignore the primal instincts that make his type what they are; the thirst to be the very last, to wield ultimate control and command over the Force. But then, there is always a bigger fish."

"Are you saying that Trayus is that bigger fish?" the captain asked, still a bit confused.

Tyfus dwelled on the thought. "It will be interesting to find out," he admitted.


Trayus sat in the command tower, meditating on the battle to come. This arrived much sooner than I had anticipated, he mused, and yet, I cannot help but feel a bit unprepared. It wasn't that he was not confident in his own abilities, but rather that Sivter chose to come to him, rather than the other way around. It irritated Trayus to think that not even his vengeance could be in his own hands.

Still, he waited. Trayus had set up some perimeter traps to slow Sivter down and, possibly, weaken him. He cared not to test his skill against the other, only to see Sivter dead by his own blade, no matter what. The droids he had ordered to engage his enemy would not kill Sivter, he was too powerful for that, but then they were not meant to.

Trayus continued to meditate, gathering his strength for the duel to come, while he gathered his strength and observed the multiple engagements Sivter would have to face before finally arriving at his location.

OOC: Think of the final battle, onboard the Star Forge, in KotOR for a good point of reference. Sivter will be facing mostly droids from Cylon's ranks, as they're the only truly expendible forces Trayus now has, though feel free to engage one or two Dark Jedi... just no one named. I wanna keep the Noghri, and both Saias and Xahruk are not currently expendible. :)

Posted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 9:51 pm
by Halomek
The ascent through the tower was a simple enough process. The droids who tried to get in their way were smashed apart by Crix. The few that managed to escape the living wrecking machine were dispatched by Sivter in the simplest manner possible.

The traps that were set were basic and easily tripped ahead of time or bypassed altogether. Even if Sivter wasn’t an expert at deception; able to easily spot impending traps before they ever became a problem; Trayus simply didn’t have the time to set up anything more elaborate.

It hardly mattered. The Defel knew that Darth Trayus would be watching their progress.

If he was an intelligent man, which all of Sivter’s sources seemed to confirm, then Darth Trayus was not watching to see if his intruders would die from such mundane obstacles and opposition, he was watching to better understand the capabilities of the one who he would soon have to face. It was precisely one of the reasons why Sivter had brought Crix with him in the first place, to deny Trayus that advantage. Nothing Sivter used to assist Crix left the realm of the basics.

Things began to get more interesting the higher up they went. Gone were the simple war droids and out were rolled the more advanced models. In the end though, they fell like the rest. Every model of droid sent to fight them had a set of schematics stored in the Byyor Command’s databanks. Sivter had gone over each and every one in preparation for what was to come. He knew their strengths and their weakpoints.

And so did Crix.

When they were stopped later by a dozen destroyer droids, a highly-advanced model designed specifically to counter Force-users, it should have been enough to make even the most experienced Forcer pause. A dozen droids with all the capabilities, and then some, of the old IG-100 MagnaGuards used in the Clone Wars, each with a glowing red lightsaber ready to dice their targets into bits… Few could stand alone against such odds.

Crix was one of those few.

The droids might as well have been swinging padded sticks for all the good it did them. The violent power of a lightsaber was no match for Crix’s fighting style. His control over the Force imbued his body to resist all physical damage. Not even the Jedi at Onderon had managed to find a way to successfully counter such an esoteric and overpowering ability. Needless to say, the destroyers failed to live up to their name and were instead destroyed by Crix.

Which finally brought them to an obstacle that Sivter was interested in. Two living targets stood in their way towards advancing to the next floor. One was a Rodian, the other a Human. They both carried lightsabers and both gave off an aura of the Dark Side, but somehow the cloying stink of the Light Side still stuck to them.

“Nothing more amusing than Jedi playing Darksider,” Sivter rasped as he recognized the nature of the fallen Jedi before him. “Spare one of them, Crix. Kill the other.”

The Rodian pointed his saber challengingly at Sivter. “It ends here, Sivter! You and the Butcher of Onderon will pay for what you did!”

Sivter smirked at the mention of the nickname Crix had picked up after his highly visual part in what was being called the Battle of Onderon. “If you didn’t stop us there, with an entire Jedi Order to back you up, what makes you believe you can stop us here?”

“The Jedi were weak,” the Human answered for them. “With the Dark Side at our beck and call, we’ve surpassed them!”

Sivter just shook his head. “In your minds, maybe. You’re like children who’ve just found their first blaster. You believe you have power when in reality you’re more likely to blow your own face off. Allow me to show you what a real Darksider is, Lord Crix will correct the error in your thinking.”

That was all the signal Crix needed. The giant Cragmoloid rushed forward and, in one deft motion, ripped the Human’s head from his neck. The Rodian reacted faster than Sivter would have given him credit for and backpedaled before unleashing what he must have believed to be a powerful stream of Force Lightning, even as his comrade fell dead to the floor. Sivter could sense that the lightning was fairly respectable, even if it paled in comparison to his own, but it simply crackled against Crix’s defenses without effect.

Crix’s response was fairly simplistic, but it got the job done: he caught up to the Rodian and tore his arms from his sockets. The much smaller being squealed in pain and misery even as Crix shoved the dying Forcer to his knees.

Sivter approached and laid a clawed hand on the Rodian’s forehead, which was quickly turning a pale green through massive blood loss. He reached into the other’s mind with the Force as he sought one thing and one thing only: the true identity of Darth Trayus.

It didn’t take him long, which was fortunate, considering how fast the dying Rodian’s brain was shutting down. Surprisingly enough, with the former Jedi’s mind on Onderon, it linked his search towards exactly what he was after. An aftermath and a man who promised vengeance…

Sivter let the now-dead Rodian fall to the ground as he savored the victory of discovering the missing piece of the puzzle. So much was made clear now, so much that would make the impending confrontation all the sweeter.

The Dark Master of the Cult of Shadow cackled with delight as he and Crix headed to the next floor…

OOC: I figure Crix and the rest of Trayus' cronies can have fun mixing it up while Trayus and Sivter have their duel. ;)

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:43 am
by Cadden
Trayus grew irritated as he watched. Not only did Sivter disallow him from learning anything, he was letting his cronie do all the work. It would prove to be... difficult... to defeat the creature in combat, but nevertheless, Trayus was looking forward to avenging his father's death at last.

Then the Dark Side creature had to ruin every advantage Trayus had over him. The two Dark Jedi he had dispatched were swiftly defeated by the Cragmoloid, but then Sivter did the unthinkable, and extracted information from the Rodian's mind. While he did not see what it was Sivter wanted, there was no doubting it.

He discovered who Trayus was.

Trayus stopped watching. It was pointless, now. Instead, he focused on controlling his Dark Side. When Sivter entered the room, there would be no opportunity to let him get the upper hand. Trayus would be prepared to strike hard, and strike fast. His vengeance would come today, one way or another.

Not much time would pass before an individual entered the room. Sivter. Trayus opened his eyes and got to his feet. Turning, he took but a brief second to size his opponent, before, without a word, lunging at him with one of his red lightsabers in hand. But Sivter simply ignited his own blade and blocked the blow. It was a basic attack that warranted but a basic defense, but the element of surprise was key to victory. When it was clear that Trayus did not even possess that, he knew things would have to be done the hard way.

After he dealt several more blows, all of which Sivter either blocked or parried, before Trayus finally let off and made a small amount of distance between them. It was clear that Sivter was well-versed in lightsaber combat, though to what extent he would not be able to learn quickly. He began to circle the dark creature, looking into the Force for an opening to exploit, but Sivter was careful not to allow one to happen.

"I know it is of no use to hide my identity," he finally spoke, but still masked his new voice. Even if he failed to kill Sivter today, Trayus knew he would live to see another opportunity later in his life. And he was beginning to understand why it was said that revenge was a dish best served cold. But still, he refused to let Sivter know of the Nomad Soul. "You are a worthy adversary, which will make my revenge all the sweeter. You killed my father, and for that, you will die."

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 7:00 pm
by Halomek
“Your father had his chance,” Sivter replied easily as the two circled each other. “I gave him the opportunity to flee. If he had looked past his own Jedi arrogance and seen that he stood no chance, he would still be alive today, but he foolishly thought he had what it took to stop me. His death was his own doing.”

Sivter abruptly lunged at his opponent with a powerful Djem So swing, but Trayus managed to block it before it made contact. The sabers clashed for a moment before the Defel broke off and began circling again. He grinned mockingly. “Tell me, oh great and powerful Darth Trayus, what would Faarel Blackthorne think of you now? Has the son honored the memory of the father?”


Crix stood silently nearby, but at a distance, as he watched the duel play out. If the unthinkable were to happen and Trayus killed Sivter, it would be up to him to make sure that Trayus never lived to savor his victory...

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:41 pm
by Cadden
"You couldn't possibly understand," Trayus responded. "You kill for pleasure, not for necessity. You are willing to sacrifice your own followers to acheive your ends. Do not dare talk to me of honor!"

Trayus once again charged Sivter, this time unclipping a second saber and activating the red blade. It mattered little to the Sith Lord how he would kill Sivter; he was not interested in testing his skill against another, only of avenging his father's death.

OOC: Hehehe... y'know, this could drag on a great deal if we keep it up this way. :P Might wanna deal with this the same way we dealt with the Sivter/Faarel duel. Unless you're just waiting to get a good foothold on the situation, or something.

And I'm toying wiith the idea of keeping Crix busy with Bane, but I dunno. It would seem fitting for the two to duke it out, given the similarities in the way they operate (both basically powerhouse tankers, if you wanna use an MMO term). But, y'know, not all that sure how to deal with that one.

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:48 pm
by Halomek
“You’re not listening,” Sivter chided his opponent as he blocked Trayus’ determined attacks with Soresu. Although Trayus seemed determined to ramp up the duel, Sivter hadn’t yet reached that point. He knew the man’s identity, and why he had chosen the Dark Side, but he had yet to determine the other Darksider’s commitment to it. It was possible that Trayus himself didn’t even know where he stood…

Sivter wanted to at least satisfy his curiosity about the man who sought to challenge him. After things were clarified, he would decide whether or not to kill Darth Trayus.

They danced around the open expanse as Sivter patiently waited for Trayus to exhaust his momentum. Once it became clear that the Defel’s defense wouldn’t be easily broken, Sivter took the opportunity to expand on his point. “I know what honor is, but like all things in life, I use it only when it is convenient to me. That is the mark of a true Darksider. We do whatever is necessary to achieve our goals and we don’t worry ourselves over the fate of inferiors. To do any less would be to walk the coddling path of the Jedi and the weakness they breed.”

Sivter abruptly countered with a series of powerful strikes that began to drive Trayus backwards. “But I didn’t claim to be the one who had honor! I asked if the son was honorable. I asked if the son respected his fallen father!” Sivter smirked again. “I see no honor in you, Darth Trayus. Right now I see a hypocrite.”

OOC: It could be fun to have Bane and Crix go at it. Of all the people Trayus has with him right now, I'd say Bane would stand the best chance in a fight against him.

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:30 pm
by Cadden
"The son," Trayus retorted, "no longer exists!" With those words, Darth Trayus held his ground against Sivter's attacks, and once more the duel came to a standstill. Perhaps, Trayus mused, because Sivter wished it, but it mattered little. It was clear, now, that there was more to Sivter than met the eye. "Cadden Blackthorne no longer exists. I am Darth Trayus, now. I am Sith! And I am no hypocrite."

Trayus could feel the Dark Side swelling through his veins, now. Yes, the power that the Nomad Soul spoke of before, he was beginning to understand it. He digged down deep, and unlocked the mysteries of the Nomad Soul's knowledge of the Force, of combat, and unleashed a powerful series of movements connected to Juyo against Sivter. There was also a clear underlying of Form V technique involved in the attacks. And, while they were foreign to Trayus himself, they were also, at the same time, all too familliar, and performed as a master would perform.


Bane had made his way to the location where Trayus was dueling Sivter. The Sith Lord promised him battle, and while the Gen'Dai warrior was certain it would not be today, he now wanted to see his new master in action. Fighting against the Cylon Imperium was not a suitable task for individuals of such a caliber; Bane himself could have done much of what Trayus had. But the true skill of a Sith lied in their mastery in the Force, and their skills with a blade.

When he arrived at his destination, he took note of both Darth Trayus and the one known as Sivter engaged in a heated duel, taking short breaks to exchange words in what the Gen'Dai assumed to be the employment of Dun Möch. This attention shifted to the Cragmoloid, whom was idly watching from a reasonably out-of-the-way vantagepoint.

It was the perfect opportunity to test his own mettle, and perhaps even prove himself to Trayus. "Cragmoloid!" Bane challenged to the brute. "You do not belong here, nor do you know what you face!"

OOC: Dunno how susceptible to taunts he is, so I'll let you deal with it. My assumption was that Cazzik pretty much made Bane a Durge-alike, seeing as he didn't progress very far before turning him over to me, so feel free to make assumptions based on what little we know of the species.

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:03 pm
by Halomek
OOC: Nothing less than Bane attacking Crix is likely to get a reaction out of him. He takes Sivter’s orders seriously. He was told to watch and he’ll do that until either the duel ends or he’s forced to defend himself.

IC: Crix barely heard the fleeting attempt at an insult the armored warrior shouted at him. Invectives spoken out of ignorance were a waste of noise. He simply crossed his arms and continued observing the battle, making sure to note the location of the one who had tried to get under his skin, just in case the hothead tried something.

The fight was getting interesting. Trayus had stepped up his technique. Either the masked Darksider was as skilled in deception as Sivter, or there was something more going on below the surface...


After decades of facing off against Tulsar Leidias, Sivter had long grown used to fighting someone who knew his lightsaber technique backwards and forwards, and so managed to continue without trouble despite Trayus’ unexpected ramping up of his abilities. In fact he was pleased the other Darksider had done so because of what he sensed in the transition. It helped to clear up another part of the picture.

There was now a steady back and forth between the two. Sivter spoke, effortlessly making his voice heard over the constant noise of the clashing lightsabers. “My top Seer warned me that you had the potential to stand in my way. Now I’m beginning to understand why. You’re a merged soul.” When Trayus seemed to give no reaction, Sivter continued anyway. “There’s no use hiding it now, not from me. I’ve dealt with such individuals before. I’ve even experienced something similar to it.”

Although there appeared to be a hint of respect in his voice, Sivter’s grin removed all traces of it, followed by what he said next. “It makes you even more of a hypocrite than you realize. You say you are Sith. You say Cadden Blackthorne is gone. Why then would the Sith Lord Darth Trayus fight so hard to avenge the death of a Jedi that should hold no meaning to him? No self-respecting Sith would let his destiny be directed by the fools of the Jedi Order!”

The Defel bared his teeth as he let an edge of anger into his voice. “If you are Sith, as you claim, you should recognize that it was my actions that led you to discovering what real power is! If I hadn’t killed Faarel, you’d still be half a person. Your whole quest to this point has been a joke!”

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:35 pm
by Cadden
Trayus, at that moment, gave his first sign of emotion. He laughed. "My destiny is my own, Sivter," he said. "I am not, nor was I ever, directed by the Jedi Order. My vengeance on my father's death is my prerogative. It is not a matter of morality, it is a matter of family. My mission is not for the Jedi Order, it is for me."

Trayus had stopped fighting, now, and was circling around Sivter. "Though, I admit, I do have you to thank," he continued. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here, today. I wouldn't hold unimaginable power. Yes, you are correct... I am a merged soul." And though Sivter knew this, he could not begin to comprehend the danger that it presented him. "And, through that merging, my full potential has been released. I feel more powerful than ever, thanks to my newfound understanding of the Force." He grinned, though Sivter could not see it behind his visor. "In a way, then... you have yourself to thank for your own end."

With those words, Trayus suddenly launched himself forward in a powerful Ataru jung su ma maneuver. With both blades acting in unison, it made it all that much deadlier.


Bane was impressed by the Cragmoloid's sheer willpower, and knew now why he revered the Sith over the Jedi. The Jedi were more apt to responding to taunts. The Sith, however, made it a point to ensure their greatest strength did not become their biggest liability.

Which brought him to his second choice. Bringing up his left gauntlet, Bane let loose a flurry of projectiles in the direciton of the Cragmoloid. If words would not budge him, then certainly actions would.

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 7:28 pm
by Halomek
Crix didn’t budge from his location and simply batted the projectiles away from his person with a swipe of his massive hand, sending them flying off in odd directions. He turned to face the pest who kept bothering him even as he kept his senses on the duel.

“You’re fortunate I have a prior duty, or I’d crush you and that tin can of yours into a paperweight,” he threatened with a rumble. “Leave my sight now and stop tempting fate.”


Rather than try to meet Trayus’ spinning maneuver, Sivter switched tactics and brought up his free hand to catch the other Darksider in a powerful shove of the Force, sending him flying backwards. Trayus, although initially caught by surprise, managed to stay on his feet.

“An interesting thing about the dual-wielding art of Jar’Kai…” Sivter commented smugly as he approached to where Trayus had ended up, “…it might give you greater power and defense in a duel, but it forces you to use both of your hands, and that leaves you vulnerable to other attacks.”

He stopped in front of his opponent, but didn’t initiate a new attack. “You still cling to sentimentality, Trayus,” Sivter chided him with a little disgust. “It weakens you, just like it weakened Faarel Blackthorne. Until you realize that a true Darksider should be concerned only with himself, you’ll never understand the limits you place on yourself. What was the point in taking a new name if you still carry around all of Cadden Blackthorne’s demons and weaknesses? In your pursuit of power, you’ve missed the point entirely behind everything you’ve done. That’s what makes you a joke!”

Sivter abruptly rushed forward with much faster speed than he had shown thus far, his strikes and thrusts a blur of motion, constantly keeping Trayus on the defensive. “I’ve seen all I need to. I had considered the thought that you might be more valuable to me alive, but you’re just another worthless waste of talent!”

The Defel spun and, in the span of only a few seconds, while his lightsaber was out Trayus’ sight, enacted a lightning quick maneuver, intended to end the fight. He deftly switched his saber to his other hand and manipulated a control to make the blade visible only to the infrared spectrum. With his now free saber hand, he reached into his cloak and withdrew one of the backup lightsabers he kept on his person and ignited it.

By the time Sivter had completed the turn, it looked as though he still had his original lightsaber with him and was meeting Trayus’ blades with it. With the same speed he had already shown, Sivter brought his true lightsaber around from behind his back and swung the invisible blade at Trayus’ unprotected midsection…

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 9:09 am
by Cadden
Trayus reaction was an instant surprise to Sivter. He saw the blade. Withdrawing one of his sabers, he used the other to meet with the other. And laughed. "You presume too much, Sivter," he chided. "I am not limited by the confines of the visual spectrum. The Force has granted me the ability to see beyond what my eyes were ever capable of seeing." Trayus was about to retaliate on his own, but instead he held his ground against Sivter.

Sivter is powerful, a demonic voice whispered in his ear, powerful enough to even use. to our own ends.

I bow to no one, Trayus responded.

You don't have to. And, when it is over, you shall have your vengeance.

Trayus grinned, and then pressed against Sivter's attack. "No one shall deny me my vengeance!" he yelled.


Bane let out a laugh at the Cragmoloid's threat. "Words," he responded. "Come, face me, Cragmoloid. Unless you are truly a weak coward." He unhinged two massive repeating blasters and fired both at the Cragmoloid.

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 12:38 pm
by Halomek
With some irritation, Crix finally broke his vigil and stalked towards the armored warrior, clenching his hands into fists as he did so. The energy from the repeating blasters impacted harmlessly against his defenses.

He hated to go against Sivter’s orders, but there was only so much he would endure before it became intolerable. He was sure his Master would understand.

“I am the Dark Lord Crix,” he growled as he drew closer. “Since you seem so determined to get my attention, at least tell me the name of my pest before I end his life.”


“So there are some surprises left in him after all,” Sivter thought to himself with a little delight. “Good. I would hate to think the joke I’ve seen so far was supposedly able to stand in the way of my destiny.”

With a push, Sivter broke the struggle and put some distance between them again. “Congratulations,” he taunted as he put his spare lightsaber back inside his cloak. “You’ve surpassed Faarel. He would have fallen for such a move. I should know.”

Sivter’s following smirk held no humor in it. “Unfortunately for you, becoming stronger than a weakling like him is not much of an accomplishment. When I fought him, I was forced to keep my power subdued or risk attracting more Jedi. Here, I am not bound by such a handicap.”

The Defel abruptly raised his free hand and unleashed a powerful bout of Force-generated lightning. The dangerous energy closed the distance in only a fraction of a second, but rather than be caught on Trayus’ waiting lightsabers, it suddenly split and veered in all directions, curving around the weapons of the other Darksider to strike at him from multiple directions…

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:02 pm
by Cadden
Trayus was not expecting this move. He deflected some of the lightning with his blades, but the rest seeped through. For a moment, he seemed powerless to its might, but as he concentrated on the Force, he was able to absorb a majority of the lightning.

There was still too much, however. Trayus began to feel himself weaken under the pressure of the attack. There had to be something that could be done. He was Darth Trayus, Dark Lord of the Sith. This was not how he was to die.

Dig, the demonic voice urged him. Dig deep. Unleash your fury.

Clenching his teeth, Trayus concentrated, and, finally, mustered the strength to let out a violent wave of kinetic energy all around him. Sharp, visible ripples in space expanded outward rapidly from his person, which allowed him the break in the attack to be able to climb to his feet. His counter was not to be enough to defeat Sivter, however, he realized that now.

No, not yet, he realized. Sivter was too powerful for him. For now. But he refused to bow to the man. "I see I have underestimated you," he admitted. Trayus knew when he was beaten, but he refused to believe this was the end. He discarded his two blades, demonstrating his willingness to lose the duel. "If your power is true, Sivter, then you clearly did not come here to simply kill me." While he spoke, he was reminded of his previously-healing wound from the Xen'Chi Chosen back on Mandalore. The Force Lightning cause it some irritation, something he would have to spend time on later.

But no, Trayus realized today was not the day Sivter would die. I knew it was too good to be true, he mused, as he watched Sivter, and awaited what he would do next. Trayus still had a fight left in him, but with the Force Lightning taking an unexpecting toll on his body, it was unlikely he would win. Today. There is still more to be learned. More power to amass. More allies to come to my cause.


Bane grinned. Finally, now he was getting somewhere. He discarded both blasters, after them having done their work, and unhinged a giant war axe from his back. "I am Bane," he said confidently, "and you shall not be the first Forcer I've killed in direct combat." With those words, he brought the axe down on Crix.

OOC: Meh, what can I say? This is kind of dragging out, turning into a DBZ battle. :P And one of us has to do something sooner or later.

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:03 am
by Halomek
Sivter watched Darth Trayus’ moves carefully. Trayus was still defiant, but he had also been humbled. The other Darksider was beaten, they both knew it, but Trayus was apparently intelligent enough to accept it – perhaps there was some potential for him...

“You still assume much,” Sivter replied. “I came to learn about you, after which I would decide whether or not to destroy you.” He pointed the tip of his lightsaber at the man, a move that would have been lost on most due to the still-invisible nature of the blade. “I should kill you now and save myself some trouble in the future…” he let the threat linger for a moment before lowering his arm and shutting off the blade. “However, my agenda does not concern eliminating Darksiders, not when they can be of use to me.”

Sivter could sense that Trayus took umbrage at the idea of serving him in any capacity, but ignored the predictable surge of emotion. If Trayus was intelligent enough to admit defeat, he would be intelligent enough to know a good deal when he heard one. “I propose an agreement of sorts. I will spare your life, and cede to you the fleet I commandeered; the Cylon Imperium will be yours. In exchange, you will continue to amass power, but will, of course, stay away from Cult of Shadow interests. The Severus-class I will keep as insurance. Cross me and I’ll use it to destroy everything you’ve built.”

The Defel could almost see the gears turning in Trayus’ head as he tried to figure out why Sivter was being so generous. He decided to save Trayus the trouble. “We share many common enemies, Trayus. Powerful ones. The one that concerns me most is the Sith Empire. They’re reforming and they’ll stand in the way of anyone’s pursuit of power except their own. If they’re not dealt with, the Sith will try to destroy us. That is why I’m willing to spare you now, so we can eliminate this threat.”


Crix stopped the axe’s descent with his bare hand, but didn’t give Bane a chance to react as he brought up his other fist and smashed it into the armored man’s helmet, shattering it and sending Bane flying backwards from the impact.

“You’re far from the first bug I’ve squashed,” Crix retorted as he walked towards Bane’s body. “You’ll have to do much better than an axe if you hope to kill this Forcer.”

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:28 am
by Cadden
Trayus's anger shifted to confusion, then to suspicion while Sivter spoke. At the end, when Sivter was done speaking of the agreement, Trayus grinned. He had seen this Sith Empire through the Force. Nothing could hide from the Force itself, not even the Sith. When he learned to see beyond what his eyes showed him, his visions became much clearer, and one even showed him this threat looming on the horizon. It was but one of the many reasons why he conquered the Cylon Imperium to begin with.

But now, Sivter's deal was too good to pass up. He could turn his enemy into an ally, and use him to destroy his most dangerous enemies, the Sith Empire that lay next door to his empire.

The pieces fell together perfectly. This was why he was destined to lose this battle. Another one was far more important to him. A war against his most dangerous enemies, even moreso than Sivter himself. Trayus would beat Sivter, but for that, he would have to wait, amass his power, and learn more about the Nomad Soul's abilities. He possessed the raw power, but he did not have full control over it. That much was clear to him now.

"You may keep the Severus," he responded, "I have no use for such a ship." If Sivter were to search for any untruth in Trayus, he would find none. The Byyor Command was not a ship design that Trayus had any practical use for, as its class did not fit into the grand scheme of his plans. Unlike a more useful ship such as the Inclement. "As for this Sith Empire, I can tell we hold the same interests. I have known about them for a while, now. Fighting them alone would be a bit of a hassle, but combined, we can inflict a great deal of pain upon their regime." He took a deep breath, primarily to help control the flow of the Force as it surged through his veins, in order to maintain the wound from the Xen'Chi Chosen. "I accept your proposal, Sivter. Together, we can wipe out this Sith Empire." And then I shall have my revenge, he added silently.


Bane got up and laughed at Crix. Without saying a word, his gauntlets released two menacing looking claw-blades, and the Gen'Dai charged at the Crimagoloid. As he closed the gap, the nerve structure that made up his head rapidly regenerated itself, and the Gen'Dai warrior struck at Crix. The Crimagoloid was easily capable of blocking his blows, and soon Bane just simply resorted to his own brute strength to match Crix's own.

The fight then turned into a slugfest, as they tested each other's strength.

OOC: I'm sure Crix will prove to be stronger, but I suspect that Bane will at least give him a nice workout. :)

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 1:42 pm
by Halomek
Sivter nodded, pleased. Trayus was effectively dealt with for now. Even better, the other Darksider was sure to draw attention through his future warmongering, which would help draw attention away from the cult’s activities.

“I will contact you again when it becomes necessary,” he said to Trayus. “In the meantime, use your hate for me to become more powerful, and continue the spread of the Dark Side. If you must insist on retaining connections to your past life, then that emotion is the only valuable thing that will come from it.”

He turned, but didn’t make take a step towards the exit just yet. “I know you will never bow to me, Trayus, so when the day comes that you feel you can kill me, there will be no talking. Only one of us will walk away.”

As if to emphasize his point, Sivter made his way to the exit in a subtle indication of who he felt the winner would be. The Defel called out to Crix as he did so. “Enough, Crix, it is time to depart!”

With a throw of his opponent, the Cragmoloid rejoined his master…


Back on the Byyor Command, Sivter had ordered that the rest of the surviving bridge crew be killed. They were of no further use to him. The Schrai drones took their place at the consoles once the last body was disposed of. The Defel also had his virus terminate itself, freeing the Cylon ships from under his control.

The massive ship entered hyperspace shortly thereafter.

Although the cult could have undoubtedly used the warships he had handed over to Trayus, they were actually better off without them. The infrastructure of the cult wasn’t designed to support such a fleet of that nature. One massive ship they could manage to maintain; numerous capital ships, though, would have been a problem. The simple fact was that the ships would go to better use with Trayus.

At least for now.

Sivter looked over the bridge of his newest acquisition. He had plans for the Byyor Command

He abruptly paused in his thinking. No… that name didn’t fit anymore. The vessel was no longer affiliated with the defunct Cylon Imperium. It required a new, more fitting title.

The answer came to him easily.

His ship would be known as the Edict of Darkness. It would carry his will across the galaxy as he brought about the domination of the Dark Side…

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 3:16 pm
by Cadden
Trayus detached Soulblade from its resting place and brougt it around, driving the tip of the blade violently into the floor. He just stood there for a moment, gripping the handle, before he sensed a presence enter.

"His Crimagoloid pet is a worthy challenge, Lord Trayus," Bane said. Trayus did not reply. "Lord Trayus?"

"Silence," he ordered the Gen'Dai, his voice echoing his newfound hatred for Sivter. While this unsteady alliance between him and Sivter would prove to serve Trayus's methods well, he hated losing to the creature that killed his father.

You truly believed it would be that easy? the Nomad Soul's voice whispered in his ear.

You promised me power, Trayus responded. Enough to stake my revenge.

And power you shall have. But if you want to learn to use that which I can grant you, you must learn to first control yourself. And open your mind. You have the ability, but you lack the training.

Trayus's eyes narrowed in anger. And I shall become powerful enough to end Sivter's miserable life?

In time, you won't need to ask that question.

Finally, Trayus heaved the blade out of the floor. If what the Nomad Soul spoke was true, then he had much more work to do to prepare for his vengeance. "Go, get K471," he ordered Bane. "Bring him before me." Bane bowed, and left Trayus alone. He looked up at the sky, beyond the orbit, throughout space. Trayus spoke in a demonic voice, "Fear me, Sivter. For when I find you, the last thing you will look upon is my blade piercing your dark, empty heart."

Moments later, K471 entered the room. "You summoned me?" he asked.

"Yes," Trayus responded. "Your Imperium still holds a great deal of usefulness to the ideals of the Sith. It will be reorganized into a support structure for my war machine." There was a short pause. "The Cylon Imperium is no more, K471. In its place, will reside Cylon Cybernetics. I want a new army made. A powerful army. One that can take on even the most formidable of Dark Jedi."

"The Destroyers are not outfitted properly to hold their own in one-on-one combat," K471 responded.

"Then make a model that will."

K471 bowed and took his leave. Trayus looked onward a moment longer, before turning and leaving the room as well. He had much to prepare for, and little time to do it in. He knew now that he was currently not strong enough to defeat Sivter, but that did not mean he could not progress with other parts of his plans while he waited.

It seems as though my allies are too few in number, he mused. But, until he could heal and recollect himself, he was vulnerable to the likes of the Jedi Council. Cazzik Wyn and the Kora Jedi Council betrayed him already, it was useless returning there to ask for additional aid, even if he did report on finding Sivter and his acquisition of a large warship made by the Cylon Imperium. But, he hoped, word did not arrive yet on Onderon about the events that had transpired between him and the Kora Jedi Council. If he could retrieve more allies to his cause there, then he would be that much more prepared to take down the Cult of Shadow.

It was time to get to work.

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 6:47 am
by Cadden
Darth Trayus sat upon the former Cylon Imperium's throne, looking over his conquered world. He had been focusing his energies into healing himself, while his two new allies, Saias and Xahruk, were sent back to Testria to be broken by his apprentice. But for now, Trayus had to remain here. While the remaining officers from the previous Imperium had pledged their loyalty to him, Trayus knew betrayal all too well, and had to keep his newfound borders from rebelling against him.

Cylon had the infrastructure and, if left alone, could be a very dangerous enemy.

Trayus concentrated on the Force, meditating, allowing it to flow through his body and cleanse him of his wounds. His eyes were closed, and yet he could see everything in his borders. And more. In the distance, neighboring what once was the Shadow Imperium, lay the mysterious borders of the Sith Empire, shrouded in darkness. Closer to Cylon itself was a planet manifested with the Dark Side, where he could sense something was happening there as well.

He could feel the presence of the Jedi Order throughout the galaxy, specifically concentrated on Onderon and a distance space station. And, furhter out still, at the edge of the Unknown Regions, he could feel a growing darkness, subtle yet dangerous if left alone.

And all he could do was smirk. If there was one thing that he said to Sivter that was fully true, it was that Cadden Blackthorne was dead. In his place stood Darth Trayus. The betrayer who, himself, was betrayed. His sensing so much power in the Dark Side arising in the galaxy would have sent Cadden Blackthorne into action. But Darth Trayus was a different man. And so he would wait, bide his time, until the perfect moment to strike.

"Lord Trayus," he heard a voice, and through the Force the Dark Lord of the Sith took note of the Gen'Dai's arrival, "your request for the new droid model is coming along nicely. We used the same basic principles of the Destroyer program to create what we have dubbed as the Lancer Droid model."

Trayus opened his eyes and looked at Bane. "How does it fare against a Jedi?" he asked.

The Gen'Dai made no effort to hide his uncertainty. "We have not attempted to test the model on any Jedi," he responded. "The closest to Jedi we have are your enforcers." It was clear that they were unwilling to use Trayus's followers are mere test subjects. Smart move. "As such, we cannot guarantee their efficiency."

Trayus nodded. "Take Kir Varrus with you, and find some Jedi," he responded. "I don't care who it is, or where they come from... we need to ensure that the Lancer Droids are efficient." Bane bowed and left the room. "Follow them," he spoke into the darkness. "If they show any signs of betrayal..."

The Noghri Roghehk stepped forward, and bowed to his master. "Your will be done," he said. With Trayus's leave, the Noghri pursued Bane.

Trayus was left alone in the makeshift throne room, originally designed for the ruler of the Cylon Imperium. Now, it was Trayus's local vantage point. With Invictus running the affairs in what used to be Shadow Imperium space, Trayus was left to concentrate his efforts on securing the Cylon Imperium. Invictus would not see battle anytime soon, Trayus knew, and he could sense that his apprentice knew this as well. Secrecy was the key to their success, and the Jedi seeing a former ally of theirs wielding the Dark Side of the Force would not bode well for Trayus's plans at this moment in time.

The Dark Lord removed his helmet and set it aside, looking out at the vast expanse of space. The Force granted him vision to see clearler than anyone could ever know. And what Trayus could see, no one would ever believe.

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 7:50 am
by Cadden
Darth Trayus grimaced slightly as he stirred in his sleep. He tossed his head one way, then the other, before bolting up, snatching up his red lightsaber, and igniting it. The room was dark, save for the glow of his blade, as he looked around for a moment, before deactivating the weapon. He frowned. Either it was a dream, or a haunting vision. Either way, it was a daunting message that he had to bear witness to, one that he would not let get the better of him.

Moments later, he departed from his chambers, fully armored, and proceeded down the hallway of the Sith fortress. He had been on Tarix, studying the ancient ways of the Sith for some time, while he had sent Darth Invictus back to what once was Cylon space to hold his assets there until their loyalty would be proven. There were few he could trust, and he had to keep his grip on all that he had obtained alive.

He approached the two Sith Vanguard that stood guard at the entryway to his quarters, and looked both in turn. They were particularly unique from the rest of their conrades, in that they themselves were dressed similar to the manner Trayus did. Like Sith. But they were not. Without granting them a single order, he continued on, and finally reached his destination. Activating the comm. link, Trayus awaited a response. Finally, the individual he wished to speak to appeared. "Yes, Lord Trayus?" Tyfus said.

"We must accelerate our plans," Trayus responded. "I want your finest troops to be ready to depart by the week's end." Tyfus raised an eyebrow. Three days.

"How many do you request, my lord?"

"As many as you can spare." Cylon will supplement the rest, he added to himself.

Tyfus nodded in response. "It shall be done, my lord." Trayus severed the link, and looked out the window at the dawning horizon. Yes, it had to have been a vision. It mades sense to him, now. And, if it were, then he would do everything in his power to stop it in its tracks. Looking back at the comm. link, he once again opened a transmission, this time his target being much farther away....


Darth Invictus nodded at what he had heard. "Cylon is recovering faster than he had anticipated," he responded to his master's orders. "Mobilizing an army should not be a problem."

"Excellent," Trayus said. "Tell K471 to prepare his best. He, too, is to participate in the battle to come. I want him to witness firsthand what will happen if he so chooses to incur my wrath."

Invictus nodded once more. "It shall be done," he said. There was a pause. "Master, I know it is not my place, but why there? Why now?"

"It is simple," he said, surprisingly calm. "If all those in the Jedi Order would deny me my vengeance, then all of the Jedi Order will die."

It was not part of the plan, Invictus mused. However, he was not about to argue that aloud. Ever since Cadden sacrificed his eyesight back on that forboding world, he had become a changed man. Perhaps... perhaps even sooner, now that he thought of it. Who are you? he pondered. What have you become? Aloud, he said, "Yes, my master." Bowing, Invcitus continued, "K471 ought to be pleased for this opportunity of revenge. I shall relay your orders immediately."

The communications link was severed, and Invictus frowned. But so soon? And how would they get away with it? Surely, Trayus had something in mind, but nevertheless, a frontal attack against a fortified Jedi outpost... that kind of tactic was the very ingredient for trouble. What are you planning? Invictus silently wondered.

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Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:37 pm
by Xanamiar
The small starship came to a rest outside of the large castle. Alexis got out of the ship, and started her ascent to the Castle.

She walked by all the guards and the Dark Jedi who were at the Castle. They seemed to not even notice her presense, until she came to the guards who were guarding the doors into where Trayus was working.

"You there. Halt. Who are you and what is your business with Lord Trayus?"

She didn't utter a word, but both guards dropped to their knees and fell to the side of the door. With a flick of her wrists the large doors swung open.

Alexis walked up to Trayus who sat there almost astonished at the way she entered the room, confident. More than likely too confident. She got up to him and took off the saber that was hung from her belt. Kneeled onto the floor placing the saber on the ground.

"I have been summoned to serve you Lord Trayus. I am yours to do with as you wish."

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:17 am
by Cadden
Lord Trayus was astonished at the woman's capabilities, but kept his emotions under check. For all he knew, she could have been a spy for Sivter. Why should he risk it when he knew nothing of this woman? Getting up, and unsheating his sword, Trayus's eyes caught a glimpse of the hilt of a familliar-looking weapon tucked behind the newcomer.

What is this? he asked the Nomad Soul.

An ally to your cause, the other's voice responded. She will prove a valuable asset in your hunt for Sivter.

Trayus was not so easily persuaded, however, and he approached the woman. "Your skills in the dark side of the Force are remarkable," he admitted. "But I did not summon you."

Her name is Alexis Kiara, the Nomad Soul continued. Her strength is as your own... and her potential....

Trayus frowned at the voice. Shut up, you damned ghost, he responded. I will not be goaded into your plans.

The Nomad Soul chuckled. My plans? Blackthorne... everything that has happened, it has all been your doing. I am merely providing you with the strength, the power, to carry it through.

Nothing comes without a price.

Very true, Blackthorne. But you must believe me... she is your ally, not an enemy. I have just as much to lose from your death as you do.

Trayus hated to admit it, but the Nomad Soul was right. If he was not so confident in Alexis's loyalty, he would have said so. The woman could prove useful in the coming war.

"Alexis Kiara," he said, and the woman looked up at the response of her given name. There, Trayus first got a good look at her face, the Force helping to distinguish it from that which he had seen not six months ago. Crystal Roshia, on the Crystal Shard Point space station. He had met her when he was aiding Cazzik Wyn in finding his sons.

But, at the same time, it wasn't Crystal Roshia. It was the same body, the same face, but she carried herself different. She behaved differently. She thought differently.

"If your loyalty is, indeed, true, then you will be of great use to me in the coming battle," he continued. "Rise." She obeyed. But Trayus was not going to be so quick to trust her, just because the Nomad Soul assurred him she was trustworthy. She needed to prove that trust. "I trust you are ready for combat?"

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Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:45 pm
by Xanamiar
"I am ready to fight, Lord. However, I wish to do away with this inferior weapon, and create my own, if my Lord would allow it."

Alexis could feel the conflict within Trayus, knowing that he must be in constant contact with her true Master.

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:14 pm
by Cadden
Trayus nodded in approval. "We depart tomorrow to strike at our enemies," he announced. "Everything you need is here in the fortress, or nearby on the landscape." His voice grew more demonic on the next words he spoke, a clear indication that it was both he and the Nomad Soul speaking in unison. "For, in the end, all will either serve me, or be destroyed." Trayus turned, and approached the archaic throne he had been sitting on when Alexis arrived. "Those whom have betrayed me must be the first to pay the price."

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Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:18 pm
by Xanamiar
Alexis stood and bowed, picking up the saber. "I will be ready my Lord."

She walked back out of the large doors where the guardsmen were getting up from her knocking them out before she had entered.

"I need enough Dallorian alloy to create two saber hilts, get it for me."

The guards didn't say a word but nodded at her demand, then went to get the metal.

Alexis stared at the saber in her hand. "Perhaps it will be of some use, after all."

She started out of the fortress as the guardsmen came and handed her several ingots of Dallorian. She walked down the fortress and using the force searched out the spot where she would create the sabers.

She sat down at the side of a lava flow, using the force to melt the ingots in it. She concentrated on everything around the ingots, including every partical that was flowing off of it. Feeling out with the force what everything was. Her mind was concentrating on the construction of both hilts, yet something kept pulling at her thoughts. As she figured out what it was she felt a slight smile creep across her face. She had found her focusing crystal amoung the impurities that were being burned off of the Dallorian.

After hours of smelting the Dallorian in the lava flow, she finally felt that the impurities were out of the Dallorian and begun to shape it into the two handles she could see in her mind. Her new weapons would soon be shaped. The force molded and bent the handles into a perfect curved hilt. Both of them started rising out of the lava flow for the first time, and floated down before her, steadily floating above her hands.

The combination of the impurities began to collect together, forming two crystals, she concentrated on them, putting herself into them. Feeling the force flow between her, and the crystals. Then she looked down at the handles, and started to shape them to the spefications that she could see in her mind. As they began to cool she saw exactly what she wanted, and layed them down upon a large lava rock, letting them cool slowly.

Pulling the crystals out of the flow she reached up and grabbed one in each hand, feeling the heat flow through her hand, the pain refreshing her soul as they burned, she began forming them, using both her hands and the force. As the crystal took form she felt confident in their ability to do exactly as she wished.

She let go of the crystals and put them beside the hilts, then picked up Crystals saber sitting next to her. Quickly taking it apart, and removing the two power cells that were in it, placing them alongside the crystals. Then removed the lens that was in the saber, placing them besides them. Taking the crystals of the saber out she tossed the blue one into the lava. The other two clear crystals she took into her hand and concentrated on them. Using the force to change their color, from the clear crystals to a dark crimson red color, placing them beside the rest of the parts of the saber. Then pitched the rest of the saber into the lava flow.

Using the force she picked up all the pieces sitting on the lava rock, letting them start to combine into her new sabers.

Twenty solid hours went by sitting by the lava flow, the heat intensifying every bit of her body. But the sabers were done. She stood from the lava flow and ignited both sabers. She stood still and performed a perfect Makashi flourish with both hands, drawing two X's with the sabers. She nodded to herself and turned them off, clipping them to her belt.

Alexis walked back into the fortress, and to Trayus' chambers. The guards opened the doors, and she walked in.

"I am ready my Lord."

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:51 am
by Cadden
Trayus had been meditating, focusing on further masking his presence from others. It disturbed him that his worst enemy, Sivter, had been so quick to discover his true identity. It would only be a matter of time before the Jedi Order would follow. And while he was aware that it was likely to happen sooner or later, especially after the Empire hit their target, he did not want the Jedi Order to know who he was until everything was planned out.

Everything had to be perfect.

He opened his eyes as he felt Alexis's presence approach. Soon, the doors swung open and in strode the woman. "I am ready, my lord," he said.

Trayus nodded. Her timing was good. He had to prepare for his own departure. Getting up, he took note of the saber design. Interesting, that she would choose that particular style. "Come," he responded, his own voice mixed in with that of the Nomad Soul's to produce an eerie, demonic sounding tone, "let us prepare for the destruction of the Jedi Order."

Several hours later, Trayus stood onboard the bridge of the lead ship in the attacking fleet. He had just received word from K471 that his fleet was ready to launch. They had made precice calculations that would enable them to pull off the deception necessary to acheive his objectives there. A sandwich technique, with but one order.

Destroy everything they happened upon.

For Trayus, victory was worth everything. Even his soul.

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:59 am
by Cadden
Several days had passed since the conclusion of the Battle of Taylon. Darth Trayus sat still, in his meditation chambers, within the Sith palace on Tarix, contemplating on his next move. He could sense that, while he had failed in killing Cazzik Wyn, he had succeeded in tossing the spark of war into the wind. Now, it was up to his puppet to carry that spark into the dry leaves and brush that would break it out into a wildfire.

The hatred, the frustration, that Trayus had caused as a result of the battle served him perfectly. The Jedi were now focusing their attention toward Sith space, where they would find what they sought out.

And thus leave him to further his own plans.

Then a vision struck him, and struck him hard. It was dark, eerie. Its location was a secret to him, regardless of how hard he concentrated on it. How hard he tried to make of it. But this time, the vision worked against him. The harder he tried to understand it, the more clouded it became, before he knew he could not fight it. This was the Force's will for him.

He relaxed, and let the vision claim him, consume him. Trayus opened his eyes and saw the world around him completely different. The environment become overwhelemed with fog, and he could feel the humidity in the air. Wherever he was, it was dark, and damp.

Two individuals appeared from the fog. Trayus took a look at both, but given the darkness he failed to recognize either. As they walked, one of them stopped. "Our time has come to an end," the voice said. That voice... it had an uncanny familliarity among it. "You must leave, now."

The other individual just kept walking, and after a few steps, he finally spoke, also in a similarily familliar voice. "I'm afraid that cannot happen," he said. "As long as there is a fight to be had, I will fight it." He continued to walk, until he was about a meter away.

"That is far enough," the first said, but the other kept walking. "I said, that is far enough!" The individual took out a cylindrical object and, with a snap-hiss, a red blade protruded out from the lightsaber hilt, hardly illuminating the cloaked figure that held it.

The other finally stopped and turned. "Your persistance is noteworthy," he responded, "but overly futile." He unholstered his own weapon and ignited it, his being a white blade. "I cannot grant you a victory."

"So be it." The two charged at each other, and clashed blades. The resulting force caused a blinding white light, and Trayus was forced to shield his eyes. When he brough his forearm down, he was in a completely different place. It was a desolate world, hot, dry, and bright, in contrast to the previous location.

"Where am I?" he pondered aloud. He turned, sensing something behind him, and found himself gazing upon a large, ancient temple, easily towering over most others he had seen. Trayus took a gamble, and stretched out with the Force, attempting to pry the location of this place out of the vision.

But he failed. Its location was a secret to him. But having seen it, he knew it existed. "What are you hiding from me?" he shouted. "What does all of this mean?"

The vision faded, and Trayus opened his eyes. "My lord," a voice called behind him. He knew who it was. "I am ready."

Trayus arose and turned to face the newcomer. It was Alexis Kiara. "You have proven yourself well," he said to her, "yet your test has just begun. The upcoming war is inevitable, but for it to be in our favor, we will need to turn a nudge into a push. The Jedi must not learn of the truth behind the attack on Taylon."

She bowed. "What would you have me do, my lord?" he asked.

"You will travel to Dathomir with Epsilon Squad," Trayus ordered. "The Empire holds a firm grip on that world. I want that grip to loosen, and falter. If you find anyone worthy of our ranks, recruit them. Let the rest cripple the Empire."

"It shall be done," Alexis responded, bowing once again.

"Alexis," Trayus spoke once more as she was making her leave. She stopped and turned to give him her full attention. "Make it inconspicuous. The Republic should be the ones that must be blamed. No one else. This is where Epsilon Squad will become beneficial. They must provide the facade necessary to pin the blame on the Repbulic."

"Yes, my lord."

Trayus motioned her away, and turned to face a communications console. "Tyfus," he spoke after the connection was made, "it is time to put your skills as a military commander to the test."


Darth Invictus oversaw the production of the prototype Lancer Droids. Bane approached the Sith Lord and offered a courteous bow. "Lord Invictus," he announced, "the first prototype is ready for testing."

Invictus nodded. "Good," he responded in a callous tone, his gruff, electronic tone amplifying his ability to cast fear upon his subordinates. "Bring in the first test subject."

Bane nodded, and relayed the command. The two turned and proceeded to an observation port in the test chambers. A lone female Jedi was cast into the large room. She appeared weak. "I hope her condition does not affect her ability to fight, General," Invictus spoke.

"She should be in good condition, my lord," the Gen'Dai responded. "We made every effort to ensure that the test subjects recover from their capture before we use them." Invictus nodded. He was unconcerned about the Jedi fighting back. They could not last long on Cylon itself without a full-fledged assault force to back them up.

On the opposite side of the room, a door opened and out strolled a tall, humanoid figure. It was a skeletal design, with a single cloak draped around it. In its right hand, it carried a vibrolance. The droid readied itself for attack and, within seconds, charged the Jedi. She activated the lightsaber that was given to her, and engaged the droid head-on.

Invictus watched with little trace of emotion as the duel ensued, before the Jedi finally got the upper hand on the droid model and severed its head from its body. Invictus became displeased, and was about to turn to walk away when he saw that the droid was still functioning. It released from its left wrist a pair of blades and stabbed the Jedi in the gut. The Jedi, clearly surprised, stumbled back, and dropped her blade. Soon, she fell to the ground, dead.

"I must admit, General," Invictus spoke after a brief pause, "you have demonstrated great progress." Bane nodded. "It is not enough."

"My lord?"

"If a Jedi has a chance at defeating one of these in combat, then the project is incomplete," Invictus continued. "I want you to delay further test subjects. Manufacture a handful to serve as a training variant. Grant them adaptive programming. I will teach them myself. When their training is over, they are to be deactivated, and the data they have collected shall be mass-produced to the prototypes. If they can survive a duel against a Jedi without being harmed themselves, I will be satisfied, as will Lord Trayus."

Bane bowed. "It shall be done, Lord Invictus." The Gen'Dai took his leave, as Invictus gazed down upon the demonstration room. Two droids entered the small arena to take the dead Jedi away.

"Such a waste," he said, before turning and walking away.