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"Careful with that, ya idjit," Drex shouted at his men as they stumbled out of the wreckage carrying a large crate. One of the two men had lost his footing and as he fell the crate slipped from his grasp and hit the ground with a loud thump. The other man struggled to right the large box but was ultimately unable to prevent it from toppling over onto its side. That's when the lid slid off and several large metallic tubes rolled out.

"Now you done it, ya morons," Drex continued shouting, "Are you trying to blow us sky high? Pick up those fuel rods and try not to drop them this time!"

His men scrambled hastily to gather the scattered fuel rods as Drex turned to look at his mysterious companion. The man had helped them to evade First Order patrols in their search for the wreck but said surprisingly very little if anything at all. It didn't matter, though, Drex wasn't all that interested in getting to know him. He and his men just needed a guide who knew the area and this man was regarded as one of the best. Drex had no intention of paying him, though. Those fuel rods would fetch a small fortune in Hutt space, a fortune he intended to keep.

"Don't suppose you'd be willing to help those idjits carry that crate," he said.

The other man just looked at him, the emotionless expression of his visor conveying what felt like a look of annoyance before he turned to look back at the men carrying the crate.

"Right," Drex continued, "You're just the guide. Well, then I guess your job here is done, huh? We have the loot, guess we don't need you anymore."

His hand went quickly to the blaster at his hip but as he pulled it out of the holster the other man reached out and quickly grabbed him by the wrist. Drex barely had any time to think before the man elbowed him in the throat with his other arm then headbutted him into the ground. His gun had been wrenched free of his grasp and now his mysterious guide stood over him with his own weapon in hand.

"Really, here?" A woman's voice filled his ears as the 'man' lifted the visor on his head and tossed it to the ground. "You make your move here? What? Do you think the First Order patrols are just done now? How were you planning on getting out? Wait, don't answer that. I don't want your stupidity to kill my brain cells."

By now Drex's men had all taken notice of what happened and were scrambling for their weapons. Scarlett halted all of them by drawing her own and pointing it in their general direction. "Ah, ah," she said, "Everybody play nice and I won't have to put a new hole in your boss here."

Drex simultaneously laughed while spitting blood out of his mouth then looked up at the girl who had been masquerading as a man. "You got some nerve, I'll give you that," he said, "but I count six men to one little girl. So what's your plan for getting out of here, huh? Planning on taking us all out by yourself?"

Unbeknownst to Scarlett his other hand had been reaching behind his back towards the small holdout pistol he had concealed there. Meanwhile, the other five men in his employ were beginning to find their nerve again and draw their weapons. Scarlett just smiled sweetly at them. "Who said I was alone," she said, then she nodded to one of Drex's men. The one who'd been wearing a stupid ugly top hat. "Nice hat," she told him and as soon as she said that a blaster bolt rang out of nowhere and blasted right through his head. The other four immediately scrambled to find cover, firing at anything as they went.

Drex had managed to get his hand on that holdout pistol and drew it just in time to get a shot off before Scarlett could take him out. She fired off a blast hastily into his shoulder before ducking to the side out of the way of his own shot. Then she too ducked behind cover as everyone's attention was focused on her. Another blaster bolt rang out from the surrounding hill side taking out another of Drex's men. Scarlett meanwhile had been trading shots with Drex from behind cover. A pair of blaster bolts struck the top of the crate behind which she'd been hiding and she half turned to fire a shot, catching the man in the chest and sending him sprawling to the ground. Two more shots from the hill side took out the last of Drex's men leaving just the leader for last. He stood to fire off a shot at Scarlett but instead recoiled in pain when a sudden blaster bolt blasted the gun from his hand.

Scarlett stood just a few feet away, the smoking barrel of her gun still pointed in his direction. With a sigh she cast a lamenting glance towards the large crates still stacked at the top of the wreckage. "Seriously, Drex, you couldn't have waited until the crates were loaded," she chided him, "Now my sister and I will have to figure out how to do it on our own."

Drex ground his teeth in frustration. Angry that he had been bested by a woman. "Who are you," he demanded.

"Name's Scarlett. Scarlett Onasi," she told him and his eyes widened in surprise. Scarlett smiled at that. "So you do recognize me then. That's good, because I need you to tell all your friends... That is, assuming you have any left," she added, casting a quick glance at the bodies of Drex's men, "What happens when they cross the Onasi Twins. Think you can do that for me?"

"Go to hell," he spat at her and in response she blasted him with a stun bolt, sending him flying into a pile of trash.

"Great," she said with a smile, "Glad to hear it."

Then she turned and lifted the communicator on her wrist up to her lips. "Go ahead and bring the Aurora down, Sis, and get the mag lift ready. Looks like we'll be doing all the heavy lifting..."

Later that evening Scarlett was alone in her room. The ship had already made the jump to hyperspace, putting the First Order and that Force-less border planet far behind them. The job hadn't been too particularly difficult, but it was getting harder and harder to sneak around the First Order. Not too hard perhaps for the famous Scarlett Onasi of the Onasi Twins, the woman who boasted of being the best damned pilot this side of the galaxy, but hard enough to make a noticeable difference. She sighed and leaned back in her chair. Even she had to admit they'd been lucky so far. Two lone women taking on the galaxy together. It was foolhardy, to say the least. What would their parents say if they could see them now?

Subconsciously she reached out and grabbed the holoframe on her desk. The picture showed a man and a woman and their two children. Scarlett stared at it as she ran her fingers along her mother's face. She looked so happy then, wearing a gown woven from the finest shimmersilk money could buy and her sister too. Equally resplendent in her purple gown, a silver tiara adorning her head. This was the last time they were all together, right before the...

Her hand froze in mid air, unable to finish that thought. She set the frame back down on top of her desk but continued to stare at it longingly. How she wished she could hear her mother's voice again, chiding her for being too rambunctious. Or their handmaiden, Alexis. Scarlett had just about driven the poor woman mad. She had always wanted to play, she didn't care for the pomp and circumstance of her station. Fancy dinners and ballroom dances were boring for her. She fancied exploring the galaxy and going on exciting adventures like the heroes of the Rebellion. Only her own rebellion had turned out quite differently. Instead of heroes they were thieves. It wasn't the sort of story one should feel proud of, but then a lot of things had gone terribly, terribly wrong.

A gentle knock on the door snapped Scarlett back to reality and she gently laid the holoframe down onto its face. "Come in," she said and a moment later the hatch hissed open and a figure stepped inside.

"Hey, Sis," Scarlett said, "Package secure?"

Gwen nodded and Scarlett smiled. "That's great, oh and nice shooting back there," she added, "I think you beat me this time. I only remember shooting the one--oh and Drex, of course. Though, he should probably count as two, being the leader and everything."

Truth was her sister beat her every time. Gwen was a much better fighter than her, but that never seemed to put a dent in Scarlett's cocky attitude. "So, what's up?"
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